Four tips for choosing the perfect bridesmaid dresses

As an excited bride-to-be, it’s only natural that you’ll find yourself searching wedding magazines to find the perfect bridesmaid dresses. If your best gals are carbon copies of each other, then this is the method for you, however, it’s likely that your bridesmaids aren’t clones with identical figures. Unfortunately, this can make picking a dress harder than you ever imagined, but don’t panic, because we’ve put together some tips, in collaboration with our friends at Maral Dress, to make sure that your favourite girls all look and feel fab on the day! 

Ask your Bridesmaid's opinions

Getting your friends opinions is a fundamental part of any girly shopping trip, and this rule should apply for picking your bridesmaid dresses too! Planning your wedding day with your bridesmaids will add to the excitement, whilst making them feel special and valued! We are all built differently, with different tastes in fashion and different insecurities so It’s important to consider what each of your bridesmaids likes and dislikes, to ensure they feel comfortable. A great tip is to ask what dress features they do not like, rather than what they love, as this will help you to narrow down the short list more efficiently. 

Consider complexionjessica group

Choosing the colour of your bridesmaid's dresses may seem insignificant amongst all the other important decisions you’ll be making on your wedding day, however it’s definitely an important factor to consider. We all have unique skin tones that are complimented by different colours. Therefore, what suits one bridesmaid, may not suit another. If your bridal parties have different skin tones, your best bet is to select a universally flattering shade, that is guaranteed to suit everybody. 

Sticking to a unified colour and opting for a simplistic dress is bound to keep your favourite girls feeling fabulous, without taking the attention away from you and your dress. Stonewashed shades such as blush, beige and grey generally compliment every skin

tone and will fit in with most wedding themes. However, classic navy, maroon and coffee shades, as well as metallic tones are also universally flattering and as a bonus, you’ll be gifting your girls with an occasion dress they can re-wear to future events. 

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall? 

As if finding a gorgeous bridesmaid dress that will suit different figures, skin tones, and themes isn't difficult enough, you’ll also need to consider the season of your wedding. Whilst dressing your bridesmaids in short pastel dresses in winter may look gorgeous, a freezing cold bridal party won’t make for good photographs. It’s essential that you choose a weather-appropriate gown. 

If you're planning a winter wedding, then long elegant dresses with faux-fur cover-ups are a sensible, yet elegant choice. Contrastingly, if your wedding is in the height of summer then a pretty mini-dress with a flowing skirt would be more fitting. 

Consider the venue 

The venue is perhaps the most important aspect of your special day, so it is essential to choose dresses that are in keeping with its ambience. If you're planning on hosting your wedding at a church, or castle then dressing your bridesmaids in longer, conservative dresses are a mature option to match your traditional setting.  An outdoor wedding venue, such as a country barn, lends itself perfectly to pretty dresses in pastel colours, perhaps featuring floral designs, as these feminine details will complement the folksy, romantic setting. A contemporary location, such as an art gallery, will allow you to be a little more adventurous with your selection. A silky gown, featuring lace details, or a risqué side split would be a daring, yet gorgeous option that will reflect the sleek venue and will be sure to keep your guests talking for years to come.

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