Getting married? Don’t Let Wedding Planning Steal Your Joy

Dealing with anxiety and emotional distress in the lead up to your wedding is a common concern amongst many brides. World-renowned well-being expert Akcelina Cvijetic and her 360-degree approach includes a wide range of ways to help manage stress as you plan your big day:


Who said weddings are wholly the women’s responsibility? Yet so many women turn into Superwomen. Women notoriously take it upon themselves to organize everything; the venue, food, outfits, flowers not to mention our work commitments. Is it any wonder many get totally exhausted at the end and end up ill on honeymoon? Adopt a new mantra: delegate! Get your family and friends involved. This will take a lot of pressure off and help you enjoy the whole experience more. 

Work out your worries

Aim to raise your heart-rate for 30 minutes daily for great health benefits, a happy hormone boost and some time for yourself. Have fun and keep active to burn those extra calories to feel more calm and ensure you look and feel the best you can on your big day.

Improve stress management

When you are stressed, your immune system is weakened and you are more susceptible to colds, coughs, infections and other illnesses – not something you want on the day you say I do. Prolonged stress can lead to a decreased ability to respond to medical treatments and slows down recovery time. Identify causes of stress and find ways to control your response to it. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), laughter, exercise and meditation are some of the ways that can help you manage your response to stress and thus improve your immune system

Remember to take time out

Most brides plan a wedding with a full time job and end up doing a lot of planning in the evenings but don’t forget to sleep. Sleep deprivation is the fastest way to burnout and stress. Take catnaps whenever possible, or have a lie in. Your body recharges and restores itself during sleep. They don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing.

Boost The immune system

Stress weakens immunity by making you more susceptible to infections. Try these great immunity boosters:

Echinacea is a great all-rounder with anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.

 Akcelina Cvijetic

Vitamin C can shorten the severity and duration of most colds and flu if take in sufficient amounts.

Colloidal Silver Spray is great for a sore throat

A good probiotic is essential as your healthy gut flora is vital to you overall immunity.

Hailed as a incredible healer by a host of prominent publications including Vogue, Harpers’ and Tatler, Akcelina helps clients, including quite a few brides, deal with anxiety and emotional distress, adrenal burn out, insomnia, reprograming minds towards eating and a host of other issues.   Hers is a fast growing practice with a 360-degree approach. She is warm, inspiring and looks at the big picture, from hypnotherapy, supplements, nutrition, counselling, coaching, neuro-linguistic reprogramming - she does it all, using every resource for every client where useful. 

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