Got the Brollie Ready?

Thomas Harper, Hirings Team Leader at the award-winning wedding venue Hylands House, gives tips on how to beat the great British weather.

Rain in the morning, hot and sunny in the afternoon, storm clouds in the evening – this could be just one day of weather conditions in the UK.  Every cloud can have a silver lining though as long as we are prepared.  Here are a few tips to ensure your wedding shines through despite the rain.

• Select a venue that has space and beautiful backdrops for photography both inside and out.  Pick one that has lovely garden vistas and rooms that look stunning on their own, even without a theme.

• Have his and her colourful wellie boots and provide white or pastel umbrellas.  Today there are umbrellas fitted with fairy lights for a magical appeal in the rain.  On the bright side, people in boots and umbrella, splashing in the rain can make adorable and fun wedding pictures.

• Keep in mind that you may want to touch-up your make-up and adjust your hair after being outside in the rain, so ensure that there is a private area to do this. Hylands has a complementary Bridal Room which is full of natural light. It’s serene and peaceful with stunning views and gives Brides the space to freshen up over a glass of champagne. 

Eyeshine Photography

• Dot  floor lanterns with flickering LED lamp candles around paths and doorways

• Take care that no-one has to walk across muddy areas. Choose a venue with ample car parking on solid ground and with a gravelled path. 

• Ensure there is ample cloakroom or hanging space for wet coats and umbrellas

• Light can be important on a dull day so it is good to have a venue with large windows that let any possible sun stream through.

• Take the chill off and give a warm welcome.  Although rooms can look cosy if they are decorated with colours such as reds, make sure that they really are warm and can be heated properly with no nasty drafts.

Laugh and dance:  Rain or shine, you are still getting married to someone you love and that’s what counts!

April 6, 2017

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