Grooming tips for Guys on Their Wedding Day…

It’s your wedding day and your better half has been pampering herself for the last few months, determined to be glowing as she walks down the aisle.  She’s had (whatseems like) a thousand hair trials and knows exactly what her make up is going to look like.  You, on the other hand, are completely clueless. Fear not, as advice is at hand.

Here, Head Barber and Owner of one of the trendiest Barbers in London (The Legends Barbershop) shares his top male grooming tips to ensure you don’t upset the Mother In Law or your bride to be…


darius the legends barbershop1) NO last-minute haircut. Guys, don’t do it.  Think about it, your bride to be and MIL will not be impressed if it’s too short.   Get it cut 10 days or a week before your big day for a better result, as it would have time to settle in the leadup to the big day.  Then on the day itself, or the day before, pop in to be neatened up. 

2) Don’t go wild.  This might be your moment in the limelight but photos last a lifetime.  Think twice before having a love heart the legends barber shopshaved into your short hair or get all your hair shaved off.   Stick with the style you know and are comfortable with and then feel free to shave it all off… for the honeymoon!

3) Wet Shave – get a trial.  Every man thinks that the best time for a wetshave is the day of his wedding – not true.  You need to think about timings, as you don’t want to look red and blotchy on the day. You should always head into a barbershop for a trial if you haven’t had a wet shave before.  The point in time you should get the shave will depend on the speed of your hair growth; normally the end of the evening on the day before is the perfect time.

4) Don’t forget the product. It pays off to be prepared, so make sure your ‘emergency wedding kit’ contains your grooming essential not just for the hair but also for the beard! 

To meet Darius or book an appointment at The Legends Barbershop with either him or one of the team, simply head to


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