How To Stay In Love Whilst Planning Your Wedding

You’ve found your soul mate; you and your partner have decided to go the distance and make it official, so how do you stay sane and in love during the preparation of what could well be the biggest party you’ll ever throw? Don’t let wedding pressure get in between you both, follow these tips from Marriott Breadsall Priory’s Michelle Clarke on keeping the love alive during your wedding planning.

Set wedding goals and boundaries and stick to them


Remember the Sex and the City movie when Carrie turned what was intended to be a small, intimate wedding into a big New York socialite event, and her groom, Mr Big, freaked and left her at the altar? Ok, hopefully you aren’t marrying someone with the emotional sensitivity of a rhino, but Mr Big did have a point. Agree what kind of wedding you BOTH want and write down your blueprint. You can refer to this along the planning journey and ensureyou’rdatese both still happy and not veering too far off track. 


Delegate, delegate, delegate


Don’t be martyrs, there’s no excuse for driving each other crazy organising the whole event yourselves, and securing help doesn’t have to break the budget.Many wedding venues include a wedding coordinator in your hire package, and they’ll know a thing or two about pulling off an excellent wedding. And friends and family often feel honoured to be part of the organisation too - for free! Best friend a keen arts and crafts hobbyist? Offer them some budget to create the favours. Know a wannabe DJ? Ask them to compile your wedding playlist or even take to the decks.

Restrict times for wedding talk


Avoid either of you becoming a wedding bore; schedule the wedding planning talk for a certain evening a week, a morning a weekend, or only when you both have a clear, stress free hour to discuss. If you’re always talking about an event that’s in the future, you may forget to be having fun and making the most of your sacred time together right now.

frist dance

Go on dates


You may be getting hitched, but remember you are still boyfriend and girlfriend! So, go on dates - take a spontaneous weekend road trip, or meet for dinner somewhere you’ve never tried, with wedding talk strictly off the agenda.


Remind your partner why you love them


It’s easy to get lost in the intense planning of your big day, so aim to keep focused on what it was all about in the first place: your love for each other. Send a text that lets your partner know you‘re thinking of them, write a cheeky note and leave it in their bag, or buy them a thoughtful gift.


Michelle Clarke is an experienced wedding coordinator at Marriott Breadsall Priory. To find out about hosting your wedding day at Breadsall, read more:






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