How to use lighting to create the perfect ambience for your wedding

Great lighting can really make a wedding by providing just the right level of ambience, butthere are a number of important elements that every bride and groom needs to have considered in order to get the lighting just right. Here are five illuminating tips for achieving lighting perfection on your big day.


1. Check the venue’s rules

Planning a wedding can be a stressful time, and the last thing that you want is to turn up to your venue armed with an array of drecandlesamy wedding lights, only to be told you are not allowed to put them up. To avoid such a disaster, ensure that you liaise with the venue staff well in advance and ask what lighting is already available for you to use, and what you are (and are not) allowed to bring along for your big day. For example, some venues may have a policy which prevents the use of naked flames, so you may need to create a romantic atmosphere using twinkly battery-operated candles instead. 

Battery operated LED candles make a great alternative to open flames, and will last longer on the day too.


lightsVisit the venue - more than once

Natural lighting plays an important part in how a space looks and feels. Take the time to visit the venue during the season in which you plan to tie the knot and - if possible - at different times of the day. This way, you’ll be able to fully appreciate how different areas of the venue will look throughout the day, and where lighting needs to be considered most.

Multi coloured festoons look great during the day and provide a practical light source as the evening draws in.

3. Allow plenty of time to set up the lighting

If budget allows, it is well worth seeking expert advice from a professional wedding planner as they will be able to help you choose lighting solutions that work best for the venue and your arrangements for the day. If you are installing the

Andreas ronningenSparklers make for amazing photographs.
Image credit, Andreas Rønningen

lighting yourself, then ensure that you have checked out the accessibility to power well ahead of time, but also allow plenty of time for set-up, as this typically takes a lot longer than first anticipated.

4. Get everybody involved

Again - you’ll need to check with your venue well in advance, but incorporating fun lighting accessories, such as floating lanterns, sparklers, and glow sticks into your day can be a fantastic way to bring your guests together. Have a chat with your photographer about your lighting plans beforehand as they may need to use specialist equipment or camera settings to capture the magical moment in all its glory.

Sparklers make for amazing photographs. Image credit, Andreas Rønningen

5. Get creative with your wedding lighting

The above considerations are vital to ensuring that your venue is lit in a way that creates the impact you’re looking for on your big day. The final rule of wedding lighting is perhaps the most important - organise your lighting in a way that truly expresses your creative side. Do you dream of creating a real wow factor as your guests arrive at the venue? Or would you prefer to spread the budget out, and create a unique vibe in each room of the venue instead? Or is it your dream to highlight particular features of the reception venue - perhaps the show stopping cake or the top table? Finally, if you wish to incorporate lighting into your table decorations, then it’s probably best to give your florist a heads-up so that they can work the beautiful blooms into your ideas.  


Remember that it is your day, so plan your lighting in a way that is personal to you. What’s more, the pretty illuminations will create a lasting impact as as well as forming a blissful backdrop for your wedding photographs, meaning you may be able to cut back on other types of decor such as flowers or favours. Put simply, get your wedding lighting right and it will completely enhance the overall atmosphere of your big day. 


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