How to use Wow How app to create your perfect bridal look

WOWHOW- the app that shows and teaches you “bridal “makeup styles based on your facial features.

WOWHOW is a handbag & home essential for all women and empowers you to make the most of your facial features and skin type providing a simple step by step guide to creating bridal looks tailored perfectly to you.

Experiment with different bridal looks in virtual reality.

The app is easy to use, with easy to follow instructions where by you create a 3D mannequin built to mirror your own facial features and skin type so that you can see exactly how to apply each item of makeup to best effect.

Once the mannequin is complete, Gracie, your very own virtual Beautician will guide you through each stage of makeup application based on your facial features with many tips and makeup gems along the way.

Prior to each stage, Gracie will inform you of the makeup items required. Don’t worry if you don’t have all the items as you can create your own shopping wish list as you go along. Browse products from leading beauty brands and buy from stores you trust.

Devise your personalised “Look Book” for every occasion so that you can recreate your chosen style with ease, anytime, anywhere. A handy tool for any nervous bride on her wedding day as this is a sure way to practise the art of makeup to perfection.


Benefits of using the app…

This app is not like any other app. It is not about creating the next celebrity look or watching someone applying makeup who looks nothing like you. This app is designed for YOU. The application of makeup on your facial features and skin type to enhance your own natural beauty. A bride with protruding eyes or a square face could easily apply eyeshadow or blusher in the wrong place and without realising, could be intensifying those features.This app teaches you the art of makeup application to make the most of your features and bring out your natural beauty.

In total, there are over 200 colour combinations to view from natural, evening and bridal.wowhow_0.jpg

In addition to your facial features, Gracie, your Virtual Beautician has designed looks and colour combinations to compliment your skin tone that are flattering. You don’t want to get it wrong on your wedding day. A glowing complexion exudes health and happiness.

With a split screen mirror, you can view and copy the instructions at the same time for ease of application.

Running late and don’t have a mirror…. for that last-minute touch up, use the split screen. You will always be ready for any occasion or photograph.


How your bridal party can use the app...

The app has an array of colour combinations to suit many different facial features and skin tones, it’s an ideal additional to any bridal party.

Without the cost of hundreds of pounds, you can now feel assured that your bridesmaids will look good on camera to.

We all have that one odd friend who isn’t that good at makeup but she’s your best mate, clueless about makeup but you wouldn’t have the day without her. This app is ideal. Doesn’t cost much and your best mate can” look good, feel great” by your side.

A makeup guide for clueless brides to be!



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Monday, June 26, 2017 - 13:45

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