Pennsylvania Castle

Situated along the beautiful Jurassic coast, on the Isle of Portland is one of Dorset’s top wedding venues Pennsylvania Castle. Catering for both indoor and outdoor weddings, with idyllic gardens, stunning sea views and a fairy tale castle, the Penn provides the most wonderful setting just perfect for an intimate bespoke wedding.

Estate Manager Jo Peters talks through the growing trend of mid-week weddings, something The Penn has recently introduced. “Traditionally weekends have always been the most in demand for us at The Penn, however more and more we were receiving enquiries regarding midweek weddings and we knew this was something special that we could offer.”


Photo Credit: Ed Peers

The Penn created the new wedding experience ‘Wed me on a Wednesday’, offering more flexibility on dates and a relaxed, more intimate feel to the day. “We’ve found in particular that more couples are waiting to get married and therefore we’ve seen an increase in older couples and even second weddings looking at Wed me on a Wednesday. Work commitments are slightly less than our younger couples and our brides and grooms enjoy the flexibility this affords when planning their wedding, more choice is available to them” continues Jo. Midweek weddings offer a great solution to the dreaded long waiting lists and help ensure the desired venue, caterers, florist and photographer of choice is available. “We’ve found that our mid-week weddings are a more relaxed affair, our brides and grooms work with us to plan their dream weddings, time is taken to create exactly the look and feel that they want, the extra mid-week dates mean couples avoid a lengthy waiting time – or having to rush to plan a wedding to fill a last minute cancellation at their dream venue.”


Photo Credit: Chris Lawes


Weekend weddings were not always the days of choice for soon to be married couples, with most choosing a weekday celebration. It seems that now this trend is being revived with more and more couples returning to midweek weddings. Research suggests the number of brides and grooms saying ‘I do’ mid-week has increased by almost a third over seven years. Traditionally, Wednesday was considered the most auspicious day to get married;

"Monday for health

Tuesday for wealth

Wednesday best of all

Thursday for losses

Friday for crosses

Saturday for no luck at all”

With just 52 weekends a year, the top or preferred wedding venues often book up months-and-months, sometimes years in advance. Friday and Saturday weddings are the favourite choices for many couples, however a week-day wedding can also offer couples the opportunity to avoid some of the costs associated with the traditional Saturday nuptials – it is estimated that a mid-week wedding can cost around 30% less than a weekend wedding.

Penn Castle is delighted to offer a new wedding experience ‘Wed me on a Wednesday’ which will provide bride and grooms with further flexibility, more options and most importantly their first choices with everything. Why wait until the weekend? Because love won’t wait.

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