Personalise your confetti moment

Adding originality and uniqueness to your wedding day is a great way to show off your individual styles and personalities.  Personalised details are perfect for helping to do just this.  Shropshire Petals have just launched their brand-new range of personalised confetti cones to enable you to personalise your entire confetti moment.

Available in 11 on-trend designs, including Bunting, Cottage Garden, Fairy Lights, Fairy tale, Heart, Lace, Photo, Rose Pattern, Travel, Watercolour Flowers and Woodland themes.

6 steps to your personalised confetti moment

1. Choose your preferred personalised package – personalised confetti cones are available as:

a. Personalised Confetti Cone package - includes 10 personalised confetti cones and a litre of the confetti of your choicefairytale theme personalised confetti cones

b. Personalised Bo-Peep Basket package – this includes a beautiful confetti basket with 20 personalised confetti cones and the confetti of your choice

c. Personalised Shropshire Box package – this includes 25 confetti cones, a white keep-sake box and plenty of your chosen confetti to fill the cones

d. Personalised Confetti Cones – cones are also available on their own in packs of 10, which are great for using to fill with sweets for a candy buffet

2. Use the Pick & Mix tool to choose your confetti.  Select from a wonderful array of colours and petal types to match or contrast your wedding theme

3. Choose your favourite personalised confetti cone theme, selecting from the 11 designs availabletravel pattern theme personalised confetti cones

4. Select or customise colours for the background on which your design is printed and the font used

5. Add your names and wedding date.  Some designs have print inside and outside of the cone

6. Take a glance at how your personalised confetti cone will look on the interactive online preview and go back to change any customisation if you need to


TIP: Shropshire Petals recommends choosing smaller petals for throwing confetti, as they are light and delicate, perfect for creating a gentle flutter as they are thrown over you.  If you want a petal colour only available in the larger petals, simply add them to smaller ones for a colourful, textured confetti shot.


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March 13, 2017

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