Pick & Mix your confetti to match this spring’s top wedding colours

Confetti is a must for your wedding, using their innovative pick & mix tool, Shropshire Petals share their favourite confetti mixes for matching with the top 10 colours for spring 2017. 

1. Greenery – Combine it with brights, pastels and earthy tones for a pretty wedding colour scheme.Shropshire Petals recommends a mix made up with Icing Sugar, Blue Bird, Frosted Blue and Envy.

2. Niagara –Mix with pastel colours for a delicate colour scheme.  Shropshire Petals recommends a mix of Frosted Blue, Candy Floss and Duck Egg.

3. Primrose Yellow – Fun and bright, this will be really popular this spring. Make your confetti stand out by choosing Icing Sugar as your base, then add in Golden Slumber and Envy for a bold colour splash.

4. Lapis Blue – Perfect for blue colour schemes. Shropshire Petals recommends mixing Frosted Blue, Icing Sugar, Blue Bloom, Duck Egg and Blue Bird for a

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beautiful blue confetti moment.

5. Flame –Flame is perfect to use for contrasting with other tropical colours. Shropshire Petals loves a combination of Ginger Snap, Raspberry Fool and Clementine.  

6. Island Paradise –Spring 2017 is going to see a lot of tropical themed weddings.  Shropshire Petals recommend combining Duck Egg with Icing Sugar and Golden Slumber for a softer look. 

7. Pale Dogwood – Perfect on its own or combined with other colours. Shropshire Petals recommends choosing their Pink Lemonade confetti mix and displaying it in pale pink confetti cones.

8. Pink Yarrow –Shropshire Petals love a bold confetti moment; so keep it simple by choosing block pink confetti such as Cherry Blossom delphinium petals. 

9. Kale – Shropshire Petals recommends choosing Icing Sugar delphinium petals on their own to compliment Kale tones in your bouquet.

10. Hazelnut – Combine this pretty colour with other neutral colours such as ivory and add in a touch of vibrancy for a chic look.  Shropshire Petals recommend ducky egg blue candy floss and frosted bluemixing Cherry Blossom, Icing Sugar and Promise.

As well as the recommended mixes to compliment colours for spring 2017, each month, Shropshire Petals feature a confetti Mix of the Month.  The January Mix of the Month is pretty wintery mix with shades of blue and ivory.  Made up using Frosted Blue and Icing Sugar delphinium petals, Blue Bloom delphinium heads, Duck Egg hydrangeas and Blue Bird cornflower petals – perfect for a blue themed wedding.

The Mix of the Month is available in a range of confetti packages including Individual Confetti Sachets, Confetti Pops, Confetti Pails, Shropshire Boxes and more.  Visit the website to pick & mix your own unique confetti mix and to choose your favourite display packaging, www.shropshirepetals.com


January 9, 2017

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