Sarah Davies is a professional Harpist in North West Area

Sarah Davies is a professional Harpist in North West Area and has been playing for weddings for 8 years. She plays for the ceremony, drinks reception and Wedding Breakfast.

Live harp music at a wedding can really add a layer of atmosphere that recorded music simply cannot. It’s a fantastic talking point and ice breaker for guests who may not necessarily know each other, and is sure to make your event more memorable.

Sarah can play mix of classical pieces alongside popular tunes and this works really well in a wedding reception situation, as it appeals to many age ranges. Covers of show tunes and popular songs provide great talking points, it’s often really fun to watch a crowd slowly recognise that the piece you’re playing is a pop cover!

The harp offers light and elegant music for a range of different events. It is easily portable and can be amplified if needed for a larger number of people.

Sarah has performed in venues across the UK, predominantly in the North of England, including Saddleworth, Cheshire, Yorkshire and Lancashire. She has performed for both public and private events in venues such as churches, hotels, stately homes and restaurants. 

Sarah began playing the harp at the age of 9.


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