Say ‘I do’ to a DIY Wedding

They say a wedding is one of the biggest days of your life but it can often turn out to be one of the most expensive ones too. If recent statistics are anything to go by, the average wedding will cost you a hefty £21,000. All brides-to-be know that it’s important to stick to a wedding budget and identify opportunities for cost savings wherever possible. Making your own items such as invitations, thank you cards, bunting and table centrepieces is a great way to save some cash whilst putting your own personal stamp on your big day.  Every wedding has the potential to be unique; the key is tailoring your craft creations to a certain style. And whilst many brides worry that they might not have the necessary creative know-how, adding the personal touch can be really quick and easy to do. Here are a few suggestions…

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Wedding Invitations

Making your own wedding invitations is a prime example of reigning in the costs. If you are going to embrace this type of project, one great tip is to make sure that you start off by selecting your colour pallet.  From here you can work out your design. Depending on the number of invitations you need to make, you may choose to go for a simple project, or if you’re planning a smaller wedding you may want to challenge yourself and try something more elaborate.  Whatever you decide, I would encourage you to seek out products that coordinate to achieve a consistent and more professional look. Adding simple embellishments such as ribbon or buttons, for example, will enhance the overall look of your handmade wedding invitation.

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Thank You Cards

If you have the confidence to make your own wedding invitations go one step further and choose the handmade approach for thank you cards too. The techniques are largely the same and you guests will appreciate the effort you’ve made. Why not colour coordinatesyour thank you cards with your envelopes? Pastel shades are a great theme, especially for a summer wedding.       

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Bunting & decorations

If you’re going for a rustic wedding style, why not consider using bunting for decorative purposes. It encompasses all that is simple, light hearted and low-key about wedding decorations! It can also be used for multiple bridal occasions such as a hen party or - a new upcoming trend in the UK - a bridal shower. By recycling items you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the savings you can make.   

If bunting’s not your thing, look to table centrepieces to broaden your handmade horizons. Centrepieces are typically seen as a key feature that can enhance your wedding reception.The handmade approach can reflect your wedding style and personality. A paper flower centrepiece, for example, will offer a wilt free option for any eye-grabbing Spring-themed wedding.  

The handmade wedding experience doesn’t have to stop at these suggestions; there are opportunities to go even further with place names, favour boxes and service sheets. What better excuse for a crafty girly night in with your bridal party?!  Remember to plan ahead for your DIY creations and of course have fun!   

PaulGorry, UK Country Manager, Stampin’ Up! UK

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