Selecting The Right Suppliers

Finding the right wedding suppliers is the key to your wedding’s success.  Wedding suppliers are the workforce behind your day big day and wrong choices will quite simply ruin it.

You need reputable suppliers that you have an instant connection with, trust and offer you a great package, and here’s my top tips on how to find them...

Word of mouth

Word of mouth is by far the most powerful recommendation – you’ll soon learn from your friends and family of wedding businesses that they know of and have had a great experience with – get in touch with them as a starting point!

Relationship matters

Hitting it off with your wedding supplier is essential.  They could be offering you the very best service / package, but unless you like, trust and get on with them, don’t book them!  Your wedding supplier, no matter how large or small their role, will have a big impact on both the day itself and the run-up.

It’s not all about the price

Please, please don’t go for a cash ‘deal’ – it’s dodgy, it’s not guaranteed and it’s not to be trusted!  Invariably it means no contract either, and just imagine handing over a big wodge of cash and the worry when they don’t turn up on the day!

Take note of accreditations and awardsSelecting The Right Suppliers

Accreditations and awards mean that a wedding supplier takes their business seriously.  It means that they are always seeking ways in which to better themselves, and ways in which to showcase their brilliance better.  This ultimately means that they’re a great company and will do you proud on your wedding day!

Their professionalism

How a wedding supplier looks and presents their business to you on meeting is an indication as to how they will work and be on your wedding day.  High quality presentation, confidence in their offering and a great attitude to their role is essential...sloppy outfits and poor presentation is not to be booked!

Do they follow through?

Trust is so important, so if they say they’re going to do something, do they deliver?  If they don’t, unless there are exceptional circumstances involved, don’t book them and move on.


Natalie Lovett of Love to Plan


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