Survey shows an unlimited bar is most important factor for perfect wedding

Nearly one third of Brits see an unlimited bar as the ultimate requirement for their perfect wedding, a recent survey has revealed. In fact, 30 per cent of the British public just wouldn’t feel the same about the big day without an unlimited bar. 

Commissioned by Newbury Racecourse, the survey also revealed that women were more eager to keep the drink flowing than men, with 31 per cent agreeing that this was the most important factor for their perfect wedding. Men were marginally behind, with 28 per cent agreeing. 

Respondents under the age of 24 were thirstiest, with 41 per cent stating that the free bar was the most important factor. Only 19 per cent of those aged 55+ agreed – the lowest percentage of any age group. 

It seems that an all-out party is top of the agenda when it comes to modern British weddings – the next most important factor was a live band, with 27 per cent agreeing that this was the most important feature for a perfect wedding. 

Regionally, the North East came out on top with 44 per cent of residents surveyed agreeing that unrestricted access to drink would be the most important factor. Residents of Northern Ireland were the least keen on the idea, but nearly a quarter (23 per cent) still cited this as the most important factor for the perfect wedding. 

Tellingly, in those groups that were least interested in unlimited drinks - those over 55 and people living in Northern Ireland – one fifth still agreed that this was the most Survey shows an unlimited bar is most important factor for perfect weddingimportant factor for a perfect wedding. These statistics are not particularly low, suggesting that the British and Irish tradition of a knees up ‘til the early hours is here to stay. 

In the South East, almost three in ten (28 per cent) stated that an unlimited bar is the most important factor for a perfect wedding. 

Gemma Williams, Weddings Executive at Newbury Racecourse, commented: “With between one fifth and nearly half of respondents citing an unlimited bar as their top requirement for a perfect wedding, it’s clear the British public values the chance to have a good time. 

“These results indicate that celebrating together and getting to know the in-laws better is more important to modern Brits than observing formal traditions. Weddings can be nerve-wracking, not just for the bride and groom, but for their families and friends too. An unlimited bar can help break the ice and make the guests feel truly welcome, allowing them to mingle more comfortably. It is a nice way of giving the guests who were invited to the reception, but not the ceremony, some special treatment.”

Further findings from the survey include: 

• Just under one in 10 Brits said their perfect wedding would consist of unlimited bridesmaids/ groomsmen.

• Two thirds of Brits (66 per cent) know what their perfect wedding would consist of. 

• Just over one in 10 (15 per cent) said that their perfect wedding would have a theme. 

Newbury Racecourse commissioned the survey, which was conducted by Censuswide, to celebrate its new offering of wedding packages. For more information, head to:


October 30, 2018

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