The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Bridal jewellery

Accessorising your bridal look with the right jewellery is an art form. Knowing whether to pick that vintage heirloom piece, simple pearl earrings or a sparkly tiara to go with your dress is key to creating the perfect bridal style.

That’s why the Wedding Team at the luxury online jeweller have created this ultimate bridal jewellery guide exclusive for Vows and Venues. Stick to these 10 rules and you’ll walk down the aisle looking beautiful and elegant.


1. Balance jewellery with dress 

When choosing bridal jewellery, let your dress be your guide. A heavily decorated gown looks best with simple jewellery. An understated dress allows for more elaborate pieces. 

2. Match the neckline

As a general rule these neckline-jewellery combinations work best:

● Sweetheart neckline – suits a large necklace without it looking ‘too much’

● Plunging ‘V’ or ‘U’ neckline – looks stunning with a long pendant necklace

● High collars – can look too ‘busy’ with a necklace so wear drop earrings instead

● Bateau or straight necklines – combine well with collars and chokers

3. Choose simple jewellery when wearing a veil


When you wear a veil, you’ll risk the upper part of your body looking too heavy if you go for an ornate necklace, so keep it simple. Wear small or sleek earrings that won’t catch the veil when your new husband lifts it to kiss you at the altar.

4. Match jewellery with the white shade of your dress

Different shades of white fabric suit vastly different jewellery tones. Silvery white metals like platinum and white gold, as well as diamonds, look beautiful with a pure white gown. Ivory and off white dresses go best with with pearls, yellow gold and rose gold. 

5. Don’t be afraid of colourful jewels 

Gemstones are a beautiful way to pull together your bridal look. Let your choice of wedding flowers or the tone of the groom’s tie guide you – colour accents drawn from overall wedding decor can be matched with blue or pink sapphires, delicate citrus green peridot or lush lavender tanzanite to add an exquisite finishing touch to your wedding colour palette.

6. Stick to your style

While you will undoubtedly have your own, unique bridal look, many wedding styles today fall into one of five broad categories: classic, vintage, luxury, boho or countryside. You jewellery should matched to your look as carefully as your dress, flowers, shoes and venue are. 

● Boho: tiny, quirky pieces, hearts, pastel gems, ethnic designs

● Vintage: antique pieces matching your chosen style era

● Luxe: lavish diamonds, lots of sparkle

● Country girl: floral and nature motifs, lockets, yellow and rose gold

● Classic bride: timeless items like diamond studs and solitaire pendants

7. When in doubt, stick to “jewellery essentials”

You cannot go wrong with timeless jewellery. These are: diamond stud earrings, pearl stud earrings, pearl necklaces, tennis bracelets and diamond solitaire pendants. They match any dress, never go out of style, and you can wear them again and again after the wedding.

8. “Something old”

If you love vintage, you might embrace the idea of buying your bridal jewellery in antique shops. However, you can also combine a heritage piece with new jewellery designed to look retro. Just take care not to mix antique eras with completely different styles. For instance, an Edwardian enamel locket will look perfect with a romantic Victorian bracelet, but wouldn’t go with geometric Art Deco earrings.


9. Less is more

When your wedding day approaches, it can be tempting to go all out with the sparkle. While you should be feeling excited, take care not to let your accessories hijack your look. Choose one statement jewellery piece and allow it to shine by keeping the rest of your accessories understated.

10. Be meaningful 

Do you have a much loved piece of jewellery? Now’s the perfect time to wear those earrings your grandmother gave you. But don’t worry if you don’t own any heirlooms. If you invest in one or two beautiful new pieces, they’ll always remind you of your special day. Then you can later create your very own wedding tradition by passing them on to your children.

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