Vows and Venues talks to Inmaculada García

Vows and Venues talks to Inmaculada García about wedding dresses and everything a bride should know for 2018

Q - When did you set up you label and what prompted you to do so?

 I began fashion design studies at sixteen and opened my first boutique five years later where I started designing and producing handmade wedding dresses.  I have also been producing under my own exclusive “Inmaculada García” brand, participating in shows and bridal exhibitions with my wedding creations ever since.

Q - Can you tell us a little bit about your design background? 

 Inmaculada García is synonymous for elegant and feminine designs paired with freshness and sublime originality.

Q - What inspires you to design?

 A vision of brides that is different from the conventional brides with gowns breathing the air of the modern woman.

Q - How would you describe your signature style?

 Romantic and Haute Couture.

Q - How often will you be releasing new collections and what are your price ranges? 

Once a year. This year’s new collection will be presented first in April’s at Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week, then May at the White Gallery in London and Sposaitalia in Milan, and in June at Interbride in Düsseldorf and maybe even in October in NY.

Price are between £2,100 to £3,900, with everything designed and made here in Barcelona.

blends wedding dressQ - What inspired the 2018 collection and what fabrics have been used in the designs? 

Inspiration comes from admiring the precious crystals. 

Purity 2018 Collection highlights include:

• Harmony of the design, textures and trends

• Crossover bags for the daring and casual bride

• Fabrics: Tulles adorned with stones, pleats and embroidery; printed silk organza; embroidered gauzes; Chantilly lace; sequins; trimmings; feathers and crystals

• Necklace accessories

• Subtle revival of strapless necklines with tulle overlay

• Sheer fabrics

• Highly accentuated necklines plunging to waist level

• Maxi waistcoats for brides

• Gemstone-encrusted belts

• Long sleeves and puff sleeves

• Twin bridal dresses


Three distinct lines for discerning bridesdies wedding dress

My Essentials: A line of Romantic & very Subtle Shimmer Free dresses featuring laces, gauzes, tulles and Chantilly laces. Powerfully flowing elegant styles with figure-hugging patterns for the boho-chic bride who captures attention by grace rather than eye-catching fabrics.


My Couture: A series of exquisitely Delicate High-fashion dresses of Volume and Flow presented in printed silk organzas in sequins, gemstones and embroidery on tulles for an Updated, Unstructured and Unapologetic Princess dress.


My Secrets: A Casual line with flowing gauzes, Sleek and Pure Elegance per gemstone adorned Fantasy tulles, sheer fabrics, laces, embroidered netting, V necks and wispy skirts that float and flow as you walk.



Following in continuity with the “Red Carpet” line, this selection of dresses feature rich and exclusive textures with styles that are intimately tailored to the female body together with tail hem looks, sheer fabrics, strapless necklines & V necklines with side openings and asymmetrical dresses, available in ruby ​​red, black onyx, emerald green and sapphire blue.

Q - If you could design a gown for any famous person, who would it be for?

Someone who identifies with the Inmaculada García style.

Q - Where are your collections made and for what reason?

 All our collections are designed and made here in Barcelona. An important fact to note is that one in ten brides in the world marries in a dress by a Spanish designer

Q - Who would you say is your typical bride? 

Someone with a strong personality, who is sensual and also daring.

Q - It’s so exciting that you’ve decided to enter the UK market. What has the reception to Inmaculada García brand been like so far?

So far, great!

Q - What do you predict your bestselling styles for 2018 will be? 

 I cannot make a prediction, so instead I just want to be the best that me and my team can be.

Q - What do you anticipate as the key bridal trends will be for 2018?

Simplicity and pure fabrics along with the design, creation with harmony, exquisite and bridal protagonism.


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