Wedding bells ringing, glasses bubbling

The days are getting warmer, flowers are blossoming, and couples are planning their weddings.

Loire sparkling wine house, Bouvet Ladubay, are offering two premium quality Loire sparkling wines, Bouvet Saumur Brut NV and Bouvet Saumur Rosé Brut NV, at Majestic. They are summery, reasonably priced and a charming choice for wedding receptions. The sparkling wines are rich in colour, fruity, elegant and aromatic in profile; the Rosé Brut has a long=lasting aroma of raspberries, strawberries and herbs. They can easily be paired with salmon, cheese and pork.

bouvet saumur brutSamples are available upon request.

bouvet saumure brut roseBouvet Ladubay, founded in 1851 and based in Saumur in the Loire Valley (France), prides itself in producing wines, which are of excellent quality – the fruit of five generations of family savoir-faire.

In the UK, its wines are listed in Majestic and Justerini & Brooks amongst others.  The company produces a range of Loire sparkling wines including Saumur Brut, Crémant de Loire white and rosé, and special cuvées like the award winning Bouvet Trésor Saumur Brut Vintage aged in oak barrels or the Bouvet Island Antarctic Rich.


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