Wedding Table Planning Made Easy


When preparations for your wedding enter the final month, virtually all of the main aspects will have been long since closed off and it’s down to the finer details of the day. One of these later tasks is to arrange where your guests will be seated for the reception. It can be a time-consuming process but it’s worth taking the time to organise it as carefully as possible, as all it takes is one unwise move to impact upon everyone’s enjoyment of the evening.

This infographic by wedding ring search website Commins & Co ( offers some invaluable advice on how best to make the reception seating arrangements so as to please everyone to the furthest extent possible. It will be tough to suit every single guest, of course, but once the arrangements are reasonably well structured, there shouldn’t be any cause for dissent. 

There can be some common obstacles to overcome, such as whether or not to have a designated children’s table near the reception hall entrance, or how to arrange clearly defined groups (e.g. work colleagues) if the numbers are awkward to work around. Sometimes you may have no choice but to split up larger groups; this is fine so long as you don’t leave one member of the group separated from the rest and parked at a table with happy couples, or with a batch of single guests who are thrown together hastily purely because it’s convenient.

There’s also a big decision to be made as to the arrangement of the top table. Traditional etiquette determines that it should seat the newlyweds, their parents, the best man and the bridesmaid, alternating between genders as well as families. However, it is becoming increasingly common for alternative top table options to be chosen. For example, the newlyweds might want a top table all to themselves, especially if either of them has parents who are divorced or separated. It can also occur that newlyweds want to include their children at the top table, or to even go with no top table at all and instead travel from one table to another so as to give all of your guests a few minutes of your time.

Take the stress out of wedding table planning and see if you can pick up some helpful tips from the infographic below!


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