What not to do when planning a hen do

So, your best friend has asked you to be her chief bridesmaid, and you’re starting to think about planning her hen do. This isn’t an easy task, as you have to organise a celebration that the bride-to-be will love, while also considering what her entire party — some of whom you might have never met — will enjoy.

We’ve already written a range of hen do guides that cover the steps you should take to ensure you plan the best hen do possible. So, this time we’re going to outline some of the common mistakes you should avoid making to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Don’t make it too expensive

You’re going to be dealing with a range of people who all have their own budgets, so it’s important that you get a clear idea of how much everyone is willing to spend before you book anything. You might be hoping to whisk the bride and her favourite ladies away for a week abroad but, if some of her loved ones can’t afford that, it’s best to work around them and plan something smaller.

If you decide to book everything for the party yourself, make it easy for the group to pay you back by using an app like Paym, which will allow them to simply text you the money. That way, you won’t have to chase up any payments when you should be celebrating this new chapter in your friend’s life.

Don’t forget your hen party T-shirts

They might be tacky and cliché, but a hen do isn’t complete without a set of hen party T-shirts. Ask everyone to wear theirs when you first meet up, so you can surprise the bride-to-be with her very own tribe of hens. Of course, you should remember to design one for her, too!

Custom Planet has a great selection of different customisable T-shirts for women and offer a quick turnaround. Just choose a slogan to be printed across the front to make it clear whose hen do it is, and assign everyone a nickname to go on the back. 

Don’t forget any VIPshen

Don’t assume that you know exactly who you should invite off the top of your head. Everyone has different groups of friends and family members they’re particularly close with. So, to avoid omitting important people from the guest list, you need to do some research. 

Of course, you could ask the bride herself, but if you’d rather keep all of your plans under wraps speak to the groom and her parents. That way, you won’t just be relying on your own mind and will be able to put together a guest list the bride will be happy with. 

Don’t rush to choose a date

Much like with your budget, you don’t want to choose a date for the hen do without checking that it works for everyone invited. This can be pretty difficult when you’re dealing with a large group of people, so make the process a lot simpler by using a tool like Doodle, which allows you to propose a number of dates. Then, members of the hen party can pick which ones would work best for them. This information will be collected and you’ll be shown how many people favour certain dates — only then should you begin to plan anything properly. 

You’ve been tasked with planning one of the most important nights of your friend’s life, but there are some things you can do to make the process much easier. By avoiding these mistakes you’ll ensure that everyone can have a fantastic time, and the bride will be incredibly thankful for all of work you’ve put into making her celebration extra-special. 





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