Have a cosy winter wedding

Autumn and winter weddings are becoming more and more popular. On a crisp, sunny day there is nothing more impressionable than walking or driving through parkland covered in snow or being surrounded by horse chestnut trees to eventually arrive at a cosy and welcoming reception.  Michelle Marwood, Events & New Business Coordinator at Hylands House, Essex, gives her ideas on how to have a perfect winter wedding.

There are several ways to make a winter wedding truly romantic.

Firstly ensure that the venue is heated and select one that has picturesque interiors to provide amazing indoor photographs when the weather is bad.

Choose somewhere that has a beautiful exterior to stand out in people’s memories so that they forget the weather.

Cosy winter weddingLook for picturesque gardens – at Hylands House the gardeners ensure ours are always in tip-top condition all year round.

Take care that no-one has to walk across muddy areas. Choose a venue with ample parking on solid ground and with a gravelled path.

Arrive in style: try a carriage drawn by rare-breed heavy horses for the grandest and most romantic of entrances.

It can be good to have a theme – go decadent and design a warm effect with lots of deep blues, orange and red colour hues and gold. Drape jewel-tone fabrics over tables and cushions and have vibrant LED lanterns giving out a soft warm glow. Or try a Russian take, with fake fur covered cushions, and embroidered table cloths.

Light can be important on a dull day so it is good to have a venue with large windows that let any sun stream through.

Ensure your menu has a wintry theme with roasts, sausage and mash, pies etc. and try a sponge pudding for dessert.

All these things help towards a cosy winter wedding

Winter weddings can be the most romantic of all, with soft snow on the ground or trees with leaves turning red and bronze giving a picture-perfect scene. And added gestures such as being driven to a venue by a horse-drawn carriage in the winter to a place where a warm welcome awaits, makes for a truly memorable wedding.

by Michelle Marwood, Events & New Business Coordinator,
Hylands House, Essex


November 6, 2017

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