Four weddings and a funeral tops wedding inspiration list

MILLIONS of Brits will have watched the Royal Wedding this weekend but only a fraction will take any wedding inspiration for their own big day, according to new research.

Instead, Brits turn to social media, family and friends’ weddings, magazines and even films and television over the lavish ceremonies of the Royal Family.

In fact, Brits are twice as likely to look to films and the iconic scenes of the silver screen for wedding inspiration than they are a Royal Wedding, and the likes of Harry and Meghan.

Wedding inspirationAnd the gap is even wider for millennials, with those aged 18-24 being four times as likely to look to films and social media sites for themes, style tips and more, over the Royal Family, found the poll by national cinema chain Showcase Cinemas.

Brits’ top 10 favourite wedding films make for interesting reading and include some cult classics, musicals and hilarious rom-coms…

A quarter of Brits said Four Weddings and a Funeral as their top big day inspiration, despite the white wedding flick featuring Hugh Grant and Andie MacDowell being released more than 20 years ago.

One in 5 voted Mamma Mia and its sunshine ceremony was a source of ideas for their wedding day, with no big day complete without an ABBA sing-song.

Rom-com Bridesmaids was the third most popular wedding film despite the calamitous antics of the bridal party, with the comical build up to the big day perhaps providing ideas of what not to do.

Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride also made the top 10, with Brits stepping away from tradition with alternative and gothic themed celebrations.

Cinema27 Dresses, the tale of a girl who was a bridesmaid 27 times before getting wed, didn’t make the top 10, regardless of its abundance of ceremonies, cakes, flowers and outfits.

Mark Barlow, General Manager, Showcase Cinemas UK, said: “Despite the huge spotlight on Harry and Meghan’s wedding this May, it seems there’s no beating the ceremonies of the silver screen. A-listers and Hollywood stars are trumping the Royal Family despite Harry marrying a world-famous actress.

“It seems the film-obsessed generation take inspiration from their hours in front of the screen, with Hollywood even beating social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest as a go-to source of inspiration for brides-to-be.”


Top 10 Wedding Films that give couples wedding inspiration

Four Weddings and a Funeral 

Mamma Mia


Father of the Bride 

Muriel’s Wedding 

Wedding Crashers 

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 

Corpse Bride 

The Proposal 

The Wedding Singer 

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May 22, 2018

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