Remove wedding stress with a wedding planner

Country retreat or a city wedding? For some newly-engaged couples, planning a wedding can seem like an exciting task, while hiring a wedding planner is often considered a pricey luxury that only the wealthiest couples can afford.

Whether you haven't got the first clue when it comes to planning your wedding, or you've had everything down to the napkin choice selected since you were seven, wedding planners are actually a very sensible financial investment for any couple about to tie the knot.  

Helen Hopkins, multi-award-winning wedding planner from, reveals some of the most important things to think about ahead of the big day. 

Top tips from an award winning wedding planner

wedding planner sat on couch in roomBudget

“This is where couples usually find themselves fretting,” says Helen.

“How can you be sure that you're getting the most out of your money? Should you get a live band? Do you really need the ice sculpture?!

“A wedding planner will analyse your budget and consider it in conjunction with your priorities to proportion your funds in the most economical fashion. With a wedding planner, you're hiring a professional negotiator, which means you can get added value from suppliers to make your money stretch that bit further.” 


Ever tried researching vendors? Do you know how many people bake wedding cakes? You can really only try so many slices of icing-coated Victoria sponge before you'll be stepping your wedding attire up a size. It really is a minefield. Researching suppliers can take up hours of your time, not to mention the fact that it's often tedious and exhausting work! 

Helen adds: “When you hire a wedding planner, you're paying for access to our little black book of exclusive and elusive suppliers. We’re always connected and have a network of contacts at our beck and call to make sure you get the perfect service and products you deserve.

“After streamlining the selection process, we'll present you with only the best options, and when you've decided on your favourites, we’ll then manage all of the communication, payment schedule and liaison in advance of your special day. 

You are in the driving seat

Any wedding planner who is worth their salt will present you with only the best options. All you have to do is make the decisions. It’s your wedding and it must be totally unique to you. Want a marching band? Or maybe an acrobatic fly over? It’s their job to find you the best options.

Wake up worry free

The last thing you want on your wedding day is to wake up worrying about the cake, your vegetarian uncle or which one of your cousins has the nut allergy. It's your day, and a wedding planner will ensure that everything runs seamlessly, so you can focus on what matters. 

Helen concludes: “With a wedding planner, you'll get the day you and your partner deserve. In the meantime, you can sit back and relax with your fiancé and enjoy your time together, without any of that awful pre-wedding stress.”

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