Use semi permanent makeup for your big day

By Browologist and Semi Permanent MakeUp Expert - Samantha Trace. Your wedding day is one of the most important day's of your life. One that you dream about growing up knowing that when your special day came, you would want to feel your most beautiful.

From the dress, to the hair and make up and the shoes that glide you down the aisle, everything is perfectly chosen and part of that magical feeling.  That also goes for your eyebrows!

semi permanent makeupBrows have become one of the biggest bridal trends! The correct shape can frame your face and enhance your best features to help you look even more breathtakingly beautiful. Sadly, most of us had succumbed to the 90's craze of over-plucking our brows so it was thanks to Cara Delevingne's iconic natural bushy beauties that were to change the trend forever. Gone now are the pencil-thin brows that resemble tadpoles and hello to fluffy, feathered brows that look natural and well groomed. But it's harder then you think to grow out your eyebrows as the hairs can grow back patchy and sparse, so luckily there's an easier way to get those 'wow brows' with Microblading and Semi Permanent Cosmetics which can help you achieve the most natural and flawless look for your wedding day!

Use Semi Permanent makeup to look flawless on your wedding day

Microblading and Semi-Permanent Cosmetics uses the most advanced techniques that applies pigment into the skin using a pen like devise and tiny micro needles that can replicate the look of real hairs. The needle can flow in the same direction as the hair, forming a wonderful natural brow. This technique of "hair stroke" is the finest form of eyebrow tattooing. The brows are designed around your natural face shape, bone structure and most importantly that way you want them! The correct pigment will be chosen to replicate your natural brow hair colour and compliment your underlaying skin tone. By mimicking realistic hairs this method can create any desired look such as beautifully bold brows, or a light fluffy finish.

Natural beauty is the most beautiful of all, so by opting for a procedure like this can offer you a helping hand to get that flawless look ready to get married in. The bonus of course is also not having to worry about smudging your penciled brows or the brow gel sweating off at the alter!

But do remember, just as you would buy your dress many months before the wedding, the same goes when booking your brow treatment. To get the best out of your brows you will need two treatments to ensure the pigment holds in place. These two appointments are performed around 4-8 weeks apart. Once the second treatment is complete it would take a further 3-4 weeks of healing before you are wedding ready! The good news is that topical numbing cream is applied which makes it less uncomfortable so you can lie back and dream about your big day ahead.

And It also gets better, as you not only will wake up on the morning of your wedding day showing off your new 'power brows' but the honeymoon will be a dreamy experience not having to apply that brow pencil and being able to swim, snorkel and all those magical moments without your brows washing off! So for a flawless, effortless and natural make up look to wow everyone on your special day, Microblading and Semi-Permanent Cosmetics could be your saviour!


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