The Social Media Wedding Couple

Will you be a social media wedding couple? We hear so much about social media these days that it seems we cannot go through the day without checking one platform or another.

Social media, smartphones, tablets and Internet technology are ubiquitous in today's world and it has really opened up our horizons in terms of travel, fashion, weddings, beauty and so much more. Social media is a way to connect with people but it also is a fantastic source of inspiration for many people and many niches.

Weddings of course feature heavily on people's social media profiles whether they're attending them or they're getting married themselves. Of course that isn't the case for all couples; some couples take the decision to implement a "ban" of sorts on social media for their big day and of course that is their own prerogative. Reasons for this might be that they are immensely private or that they wish for their guests to put their phones away and simply enjoy the celebrations or it could be a more vain reason that they wish to keep a tight curtailment on the content posted especially for example, images of the couple themselves.

Whatever the reasons are for some couples having a social media "ban", there are countless other couples who wish to embrace the use of social media on the day. They see it as a way of creating more visual memories that they can look back on with happiness.

The people at Loyes Diamonds have put together this infographic to highlight what you need to know should you wish to embrace social media on your big day...check out all the top tips and advice below!



social media wedding couple

An infographic by the team at Loyes Diamonds

For more inforamtion on being a social media wedding couple visit here.

May 1, 2018

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