How to make the most of your newly married life

There’s nothing more exciting than being newly married and starting married life planning your next chapter together. It’s also the perfect time to think about what your new priorities are as a couple, especially when the excitement of wedding planning and celebrations come to an end. 

To help avoid the honeymoon period ‘come down’, take time out to really concentrate on how to make the most of married life. 

Here’s some top tips on keeping married life fun, strong and most importantly, lasting.

Share the load

It’s not all gifts and compliments that make a relationship or marriage life work, but the small things we can do to make each other’s lives easier on a daily basis. Balancing out chores, weekend errands or even the school run can help prevent you feeling like you’re the only one that gets things done. Consider what your partner would prefer to do around the house and what makes sense for each of you to do, compromise and make a plan that you can both stick to. 

Cook together

Married lifeAccording to new data, commissioned by Barker and Stonehouse, many British couples (45%) are more likely to eat dinner on the sofa whilst watching TV than in the kitchen or dining area, despite dining together having multiple benefits for the relationship.

Nutritional Psychologist Antonia Magor says: “Having something to look forward to at the end of the day, such as cooking or sharing a meal, gives an excuse to catch up, talk and to get our minds off life’s small stresses. It’s one of the few opportunities in our goal-driven lives that prioritises pleasure over productivity. It strengthens our bonds as a couple and can help and break down inequalities and issues.” It’s important to take time out to try something new and enjoy one another’s company at mealtimes to keep the spark alive.

Re-live the newlywed feels

You’ll find that time between tying the knot and truly settling down together goes way too fast, and will be hard to believe the big day happened not-so-long ago. If you do start to feel like the memory is fading, bring the wedding album back out to reminisce together, or visit your wedding venue for afternoon tea or a weekend away. This will help bring back fond memories and allow you to spend some quality time together and relax.

Share goals

To continue to bond and flourish together during the relationship, it’s refreshing to share your future aims with one another, and to even plan some of them together. There may be something adventurous you have always wanted to do, or a place you have both always wanted to visit but never got round to it. Consider signing up for an enduring sporting event together, where healthy competition can add a sense of strength. Continue to talk about your dreams together and plans to make them  a reality, which is a great way to support and encourage one another.

Remember perfection doesn’t exist

There’s nothing worse than busy schedules getting in the way of spending time with our loved ones, or feeling like life just isn’t going to plan, but remember; the perfect married life doesn’t exist and therefore shouldn’t be strived for. Trial and error isn’t a sign of weakness, either. No two marriages are the same, so you have to work out what works best for you.

Providing you still remain independent, communicate and listen to one another, you’ll find your own way to nurture one another in the best way possible.

Top tips for a romantic ‘date night in’:

Try to cook your favourite restaurant dish at home to help encourage spending time together in the kitchen

Make it a regular occurrence and have something to look forward to mid-week

Try different themes with matching movies, food and drinks to add a sense of excitement to the evening

Invest in candles or fairy lights to add a subtle ambience to your evening

For more tips on how to create the perfect couples dining space, visit the Barker and Stonehouse blog:

November 8, 2017

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