What to do if your band cancels at the last minute


Our wedding days are planned down to every last intricate detail. From scattered rose petals on table tops to the order of canapés served and even right down to the very last song on our wedding playlist. Many of us spend months searching for the perfect band that is to our acquired taste. It takes time to choose a band you and your partner feel will conjure the exact atmosphere you have been putting together with every other element of your fairytale day.


But what happens if the unexpected happens and your band cancels last minute? Whether the cause is illness, bereavement, or transport failure, a legitimate reason doesn’t make the situation any less daunting. First things first, stay calm. We have everything you need to know to avoid the last minute dreaded panic.

Beautiful and Unique Bridalwear at Luella’s


Whether just engaged or a few months away from walking down the aisle, every bride-to-be wants to ensure that her special day is perfect – from her impeccable hair and flawless makeup to THE dress that she has been dreaming of wearing down the aisle. 

More than just a bridal store, Luella’s offers a holistic service to brides.  Rachel and her team welcome you into a luxurious setting and present you with a specially curated collection of bridalwear from worldwide designers, including Limor Rosen, Vicky Rowe, Inbal Raviv, Rose & Delilah and Gwendolynne. 

The State Of Hen Parties in 2017


Hen parties play a vital role nowadays in the whole wedding process. It is an opportunity to see out the brides final days as an unmarried woman, while also allowing those who might not be able to make it to the wedding itself celebrate with her. In the past these do’s were a simple single night out but they have now morphed into quite an impressive array of different parties.

Hens now travel abroad combining the celebration with an excuse for a holiday! Hens travel all over Europe and it is not just for the sun. Some of the destinations offer things to do you could only dream of in the UK.


What are the current trends?

Let The Celebrations Be Gin!


It’s the most special day of your life and you want everyone to enjoy it too, so let the wedding celebrations be Gin.


Finding the right drink to serve guests can be tricky, but British drinkers are choosing gin, more and more - 2016 was named the “year of gin”. So, if you fancy something different, from the obvious bubbles, then gin could be your thing.


Delightfully pink, the perfect colour for romance, Pinkster Gin is British-made, in Cambridgeshire.  It is infused with locally grown rasserpentine partypberries giving it a hint of fruit and its distinctive pink colour.  


5 Stunning Wedding Decorations For DIY Brides

Wedding Decorations

We all know that weddings and money worries go hand in hand. It’s all too easy to get caught up in the planning of your big day; when you factor in the dress, venue, invitations, photography and food, the budget can pile up in no time!

With the average wedding in the UK now costing in the region of £27,000, it’s no surprise that brides-to-be everywhere are looking for ways to save money. More and more couples are taking a DIY approach to their big day. From homemade invitations to getting a friend to step in as the photographer, DIY weddings give your day a unique, personal touch while cutting down on all those unnecessary costs.


Out with something old, in with something new 


• 88% of Brits would not stick to wedding traditions

• Just 17% of brides walk down the aisle to the traditional wedding march

• Just 18% follow the ‘something old, something new’ tradition

BRITISH couples are shaking off age-old wedding traditions in favour of more modern and personal practices, according to new research.


A survey of 2,000 UK adults carried out by One4all, the Post Office gift card, found 88% of Brits would not stick to wedding traditions if they were to get married or get married again.


More than a third (36%) believe couples should create their own traditions according to their personal tastes.


Honeymoons on the Wane – Time-poor Brits Want a Mini-moon

Honeymoons on the Wane – Time-poor Brits Want a Mini-moon

But stag and hen parties are getting longer not shorter!

The days of newly-wed couples flying to an exotic location for a month-long honeymoon could be on the wane in busy Britain – after a survey showed that ‘mini-moons’ are growing in popularity.

One in six Brits would rather take a short break after their wedding – for two to three days – than book a longer holiday, according to a survey by the original stag and hen experts Red7, which are celebrating 20 years in the wedding business this year.

The survey quizzed more than 2,000 respondents across the UK and found some interesting trends.


It showed that:

10 things you didn’t know about your engagement ring

engagement rings

Your engagement ring is probably the most precious piece of jewellery you’ll ever own. It’s your personal reminder of the commitment you’ve made to the special person in your life. And although we wear our rings every day, many of us probably don’t know anything about their fascinating history, the proper engagement ring etiquette or the specialist care your ring requires.


So we’ve compiled our favourite engagement ring facts from the definitive list ROX Diamonds & Thrills have created, featuring all things engagement rings.


The Bridal Body Workout plan

Bridal Body

Match your workout to your wedding dress for bridal body confidence!


Wedding seasons is nearly upon us and if you’re getting hitched this year, there’s still plenty of time to get your dream body to go along with your dress.
With all the stress that comes with planning a wedding, upping your exercise routine will help you feel great on the inside too, exercise releases endorphins to keep stress at bay, boosts your confidence and improves your stamina for the big day.

No unhappy returns

One 4 all gift card

One4all launches new wedding design for the 2017 season

ONE4ALL, the Post Office gift card, has launched a new wedding gift card design. Featuring two intertwined wedding bands to symbolise marriage, the gift card makes a perfect treat for the happy couple.


The One4all Gift Card offers newlyweds the flexibility and choice to choose their own gifts that will best set them up for married life. 


Whether it’s something for the new home, help towards the honeymoon fund or a couple’s spa day, the UK’s leading multi retailer gift card, ensures gifts swerve the unwanted pile or being returned.