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5 ways your morning coffee can help you lose weight for your wedding

Morning skinny coffee

Coffee can help boost both concentration and energy levels, something all budding brides and grooms are most certainly in need of in the build up to their big day. However, did you know that your morning coffee could also help you shed those unwanted pounds? If you are stuck for time and can’t always find a way to make it to the gym due to all your pre wedding commitments or are finding it hard to stick to one particular diet plan to help you lose weight in time for your big day, then this could be the answer you have been looking for. Could your morning coffee really be your saving grace as the wedding countdown begins?

We caught up with leading nutritionist Sarah Flower to share her top 5 reasons why your morning coffee can help you lose weight.


Get healthy for your wedding with pre wedding drinks

Wow pre wedding health drink

It is often thought that just the food you eat should be taken in account when preparing for your big day - but it is very important to also consider your fibre, protein, omega 3 and electrolyte levels too. These can all be managed by monitoring the kinds of drinks you consume leading up to your wedding. Health drinks brand, WOW, has created a handy guide on the wedding drinks to include and avoid during the last few weeks leading up to your wedding to ensure brides are looking and feeling their best.

Keep fit in the run-up to your wedding

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Frida Harju-Westman, in-house nutritionist at the health app Lifesum, comments on the things you can do to keep fit during the run-up to your big day.

Cut back on sugar - In the run up to your big day, things are sure to be hectic, and when we’re feeling tired or sluggish, we quite often reach for the sugar to give us a quick boost. But the truth is, sugar simply isn’t great for the body. Not only that, it is addictive and that quick pick-me-up will only leave you more exhausted in the long run. It can be difficult, but try to cut back on refined sugars and get a natural energy boost from things like bananas or protein-rich nuts.

Healthy wedding day preparation

Simple steps to help you prepare for a healthy wedding day

While it’s important not to fluctuate too much in the run up to your wedding (or at least not past the final dress fitting!), keeping your heart healthy by working out and eating well is a fantastic way to tone up, improve health and produce those much-needed endorphins.

To boost your body confidence well in advance of your big day, why not try changing up a few of your routines so that when it comes to picking the perfect dress, or just feeling confident walking down the aisle, you’ll be feeling and looking fantastic!

Change up your diet for a healthy wedding day