Get healthy for your wedding with pre wedding drinks

It is often thought that just the food you eat should be taken in account when preparing for your big day - but it is very important to also consider your fibre, protein, omega 3 and electrolyte levels too. These can all be managed by monitoring the kinds of drinks you consume leading up to your wedding. Health drinks brand, WOW, has created a handy guide on the wedding drinks to include and avoid during the last few weeks leading up to your wedding to ensure brides are looking and feeling their best.

WOW wedding drinksPre wedding drinks to keep you healthy on the run up to your wedding

Three weeks before

If you are having your hen do soon before your wedding, an evening of indulgence is most certainly on the cards. Whether you are going for afternoon tea, a luxurious dinner or out for cocktails, chances are you will be in need of some TLC the following day. Try WOW’s Dark Detox drink (£1.89, Sainsbury’s, available in Lemon, Lemon & Mint, Raspberry) which contains ingredient of the moment, activated charcoal. The amazing substance contains millions of surface pores which are capable of absorbing impurities, gas and toxins before they enter your bloodstream. This can help with bloating, energy levels and some say can even ease a sore head from a few too many!

Another good aid for flat stomachs is peppermint tea. The herb aids digestion by helping food pass through the stomach quicker.


Two weeks before

WOW wedding drinksIf you have a work out regime in place for your wedding, get the most out of it by coupling your exercise with the right kind of drink. For any endurance or cardio training, WOW Chia Seed Drink (£2, Waitrose, Apple, Spinach & Kiwi and Orange, Carrot & Mango) is an excellent source of protein and fibre. Chia seeds can carry up to ten times their own weight in water so this drink is a great way to make sure you stay hydrated and energised throughout your spin class.


One week before

With only a few days left to the big day, cutting out alcohol is wise. The sulfur-bearing gases in booze can wreak havoc on your digestive system as well as creating redness from dilated blood vessels.


WOW recommends avoiding any quick fix juice cleanses too. You will need the calories to keep you alert and energised through your big day so don’t deny your body of the energy with sugar-packed drinks. Have three balanced meals each day and drink plenty of water to keep your body fuelled and your skin clear.


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