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Getting the right wedding blooms for your special day

Wedding flowers

Say it with Flowers - Wedding blooms are one of the essential decorations to help make a really beautiful wedding.

Michelle Marwood, Events and New Business, Co-ordinator at award-winning wedding venue Hylands House, Essex, gives an update on getting the right wedding blooms for your special day.

Meadow flowers are still very popular and great to use in the early spring. Create bouquets and table centre pieces made up from flowers that look like they have just been picked fresh from the garden to give a traditional home spun look. Think of flower fairies and garden parties of old and you will be getting the right idea. Brides might also like to consider a flower crown instead of a crystal tiara to carry on the theme.

Meditation to keep you calm on your wedding day

Raisin meditation

The bizarre hack that could help you stay calm on your wedding day... Raisin meditation

With winter wedding season in full flow, there’s no doubt that the most amazing day of your life can also be the most stressful. Not only do you want to look your most fabulous and host an “Instagram-worthy” event, disagreements with your parents and in-laws, and panicking about whether you might trip over as you walk down the aisle (graceful as always), there is no doubt it can push you to the edge.

The answer? A raisin. 

Psychological health expert at AXA PPP healthcare, Eugene Farrell, explains why raisin meditation is the mindfulness exercise you need to know about to help keep you calm on your big day.

Slaters winter wedding outfit blog

Slaters wedding outfit

Attending a Winter Wedding? Here’s Your Perfect wedding Outfit!

As much as its tradition to let the groom standout in style on his big day, weddings are the perfect occasion to express your own sense of style, and turn heads for all the right reasons.

If you’re attending a winter wedding and are still looking for the perfect attire for the day, then we’ve got this season’s most on-trend wedding guest outfit waiting for you at Slaters.

Get this seasons on-trend wedding outfit from Slaters

Say hello to the velvet jacket.

Advice for entering married life on the best financial foot

Financial advice for wedding

Along with buying your first property, paying for a wedding can be one of the most expensive things you are likely to do in life. In fact, recent research shows that the average cost of a British wedding is now £26,989 (and rising). As a result, many newlyweds start their marriage in debt, putting a slight dampener on the new marital bliss. Pension and savings specialists Standard Life have provided some tips around how to combat this potentially stressful situation so you can enter married life on the best financial foot.

How to enter life on the best financial foot

Make a budget and stick to it

Get a Natural Wedding Glow with Yoga

yoga move

Your wedding day can be both the happiest day of your life and the most nerve racking! With so much to organise, and so many other people to think about, you may put your own self-care to the bottom of your never-ending to-do list. 

The following yoga, breathing and nutrition advice from wellness guru Julie Montagu will help to soothe your nerves in preparation for your big day. You will soon find that your anxieties are eased and that you can fully enjoy all of the love, happiness and positivity that your celebration will be bursting with! And best of all you will have that perfect wedding glow and feel cool, calm and collected!

Wait until winter to propose

Winter proposal

Anyone planning on getting down on one knee in the coming weeks should hold off until December, after new research revealed winter makes for the most romantic proposal setting.

- Winter proposals found to be the most romantic

- Christmas day named the most ideal setting for being asked the question

- A third of the UK expect one month’s salary to be spent on the ring

- To find out more about the research, please visit:

Your guide to being a best man

Best man

Congratulations, you’ve been picked as the Best Man. And, now begins the journey to the altar as your best friend’s right-hand man. But, don’t worry we have planned out everything you need to know as a Best Man, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

The time has come, your best friend asks you to be his Best Man. Although shocked, it’s always best to ride it out with a man hug & a bit of male bonding. Its’s now time to swat up and learn far too much about suit cuts, tie knots & those dreaded pocket squares.

The ultimate guide to getting married abroad

Holiday abroad

The major wedding destinations for weddings differ seasonally – of course, there’s consistently popular options like Italy – but the range of countries we see couples choosing changes every year.

The hotels and facilities in established wedding locations, like Cyprus and Mexico, are used to hosting ceremonies and receptions, which makes finding a venue much easier. Cyprus is a particularly good option, because, unlike other countries, the paperwork and ceremony are in English.

Is booking a DJ actually easier than booking a band?

Wedding DJ

Our wedding days are planned to perfection, nothing is left to chance from the speeches to the first dance. Unfortunately, while we don’t have much control over speeches and the embarrassing stories that come with them, we do have control over the first dance. The song choice, and whether that song is sung by a live band or a DJ playing the original song, is a tough choice for many. Traditionally, live bands have always been the first choice for wedding music, however recently , there seems to have been a shift as more couples turn to DJs. s In the age of convenience, perhaps this shift is a result of people believing that it is easier to book DJs over bands, however quite the opposite is true.

Planning the proposal of their dreams


Planning a proposal can feel like a lot of pressure, particularly when it comes to choosing the engagement ring. However, a recent survey conducted by ROX Diamonds & Thrills and Confetti found the majority of brides are happy with the ring they receive, with over 75% of respondents believing their partner knew their jewellery tastes really well.  This leaves almost a quarter of those surveyed wishing their partner had asked for a little help when choosing their ring.

Choosing a Fragrance for your Wedding Day

Millicent Poster

By Sophia Fannon-Howell, Deco London

Fragrance is personal. Most of us know what we like and what we don’t. However, buying a fragrance for a special occasion can be difficult, especially if that occasion is your wedding day – a moment you will remember for the rest of your life, making the scent you choose forever associated with the memory. Specialising in a range of vintage perfumes, reimagined with a modern edge, we asked Sophia Fannon-Howell, founder of British perfume house, Deco London, for her advice on finding the perfect Wedding scent.

How to beat wedding planning stress

wedding stress

Sitting up until the small hours working on the table plan, sticking 200 little pink bows to your order of service on a Sunday afternoon and wrangling with caterers before you’ve even made it into the office. Feeling stressed yet? The fact is that even wonderful and positive life events like getting married can cause stress. But stress doesn’t have to be bad. It’s our body’s natural way of readying us for the challenge ahead (that’s planning a wedding by the way not marriage!). If you let stress slide too far it can become chronic. Here are some ideas for beating wedding stress.

Make stress work