Wedding Guests Reveal What They Dislike About the Big Day

With a royal wedding on the cards, Prince Harry may want to keep in mind these wedding guests dislikes as he plans his big day, as a survey by Candyking Parties has revealed what guests hate the most about attending a wedding.

The day may be filled with happy memories for the bride and groom, but guests have been sharing what grinds their gears about the day – from wedding traditions to new trends, no stone has been left unturned as to what guests do not want to see come the 2018 wedding season.

What wedding guests dislike about a wedding

No one wants a grumpy guest, and a hungry guest makes for an even unhappier wedding attendee as 26% revealed that waiting too long for food in between the ceremony and wedding breakfast was one of their biggest annoyances.

Crying babies is another pet peeve, as 45% said that this was a distraction while the bride and groom make their vows. 15% said phones going off was disruptive during the ceremony, and a quietly spoken couple who cannot be heard was annoying for 18% of those surveyed.

Many guests want couples to rip up the traditions rule book, as it was found that 23% said a ‘top table’ is the one wedding custom that should be banned, followed by 21% who said that being ‘given away’ was outdated, and 19% shun the idea of a bouquet toss.

However, guests weren’t too keen on some of the other trends emerging either, as 30% said that they disliked being told to use a certain hashtag created for the day on social media. 29% dislike light-up letters and 18% aren’t keen on alternative wedding cakes – stick to the sponge folks and avoid the cheese tier!

With the cost of planning a wedding rising, guests are also feeling the pinch, as 18% said that the overall cost of attendance was one of their biggest dislikes, closely followed by 13% who said that remote locations annoyed them. So, it’s time to avoid weddings which involve a plane or long-distance travel according to wedding guests.

As a guest, what’s your wedding pet hate? Or are you willing to forgive and forget any dislikes in the name of love?

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