When wedding stress turns into anxiety

It’s widely recognised that wedding planning is a joyful, exciting and stressful time and wedding stress is probably going to affect you! There’s a huge amount of pressure for everything to be ‘perfect’ and for those suffering with anxiety, that pressure is felt even more intensely – above and beyond the usual stresses. As well as worrying about the ‘perfect day’, anxiety sufferers may find themselves over-worrying and over-analysing.

Am I the only bride-to-be that feels like this?

I can’t tell anybody – what if they think I have cold feet?

It’s supposed to be the happiest time of my life – why do I feel so over whelmed?

wedding stressIf you’re experiencing feelings of anxiety, there are things you can try to bring down your wedding stress worry levels:

Make a list and stick to it, even if it feels daunting. Avoiding your to-do list can increase anxiety levels later on when you’re under time pressures

Accept – and ask – for help from family, friends and bridesmaids. A supportive voice and extra pair of hands can help to calm those excessive worries

Choose the type of wedding you are comfortable with and don’t feel pressured to meet others expectations.

Keep it simple, and try not to over-complicate your day. The smallest details can become triggers to obsess over, e.g. rather than fancy hand-made invites, why not opt for ready printed invitations?

Try a traditional herbal remedy for the relief of symptoms of mild anxiety

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November 29, 2017

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