Envy Professional on wedding hair look

Envy Professional

Whether your dress is understated or totally glamorous, your hair is key to your overall look. Keeping your hair in peak condition in the lead up to your big day can make all the difference and I would recommend using Envy Professional Dual Fix 12. With 12 different benefits this 10 minute pre-wash treatment adds protein to your hair, bringing it back to life and adding shine. By using this before any classic bridal hairstyles will have your hair looking even better as you say ‘I do’. 

The low plaited bun 

No Strings Attached Wedding Planning

Laura Devine

Ever heard of a wedding tasker?  No?  Didn’t think so.  I’m a new breed.  Wedding planners can be expensive and intimidating – I'm a wedding tasker.  I’ve reinvented wedding planning, no strings attached.  Hire me for certain tasks, odd jobs, or full blown planning; it’s up to you.  With completely flexible pick and mix services, there’s absolutely no commitment (time or money wise).  

Average Wedding Costs £27k – 4 Ways to Keep the Cost Down

wedding on stairs

It’s estimated that the average wedding now costs nearly £27,000. And while it’s thought that the cost is likely to be closer to £16,842 as brides and grooms are shunning hiring a professional for all of the traditional wedding elements, it’s still a rather hefty price to pay to marry the love of your life. 

With 35% stating that they wished they had budgeted more effectively for their wedding day, another four in ten regret how much they had spent – instead wishing they had put the money towards a house deposit or into a retirement fund. 

Virtual Reality Wedding Video. I wonder what people see with those four words?

Virtual Reality Wedding Video

Some of us may remember tomorrow's world and a huge contraction sitting on your head with Wizards and R2-D2s  running around in clunky graphics.

VR has come a long way  since then, pardon if I get a bit geeky for a minute.

I have been working with Google the last 4 years doing a lot of pioneering work in 360 media. The Google cardboard project has made things much easier - now most people have smartphones and the film footage that I shoot and edit can be seen in 360º on a Smartphone and the same device with a simple Google Cardboard headset can you show the third dimension which is depth.

VR with what you have in your pocket and a £10 piece of cardboard.


How to have an enviable honeymoon in the Sunshine State

How to have an enviable honeymoon in the Sunshine State Florida

Florida is the perfect destination for a trip of a lifetime, and offers a little bit of everything when it comes to your honeymoon. It’s great for thrill seekers, beach bathers and romantics alike, with its endless list of activities to try, beaches to enjoy and incredible seafood to sample. 

Online travel specialist Florida4Less has compiled their top must do activities, so you can enjoy a trip of a lifetime in the Sunshine State. 

Underwater paradise: Explore the underwater scenery by hiring a glass-bottomed boat or take a drive down to the stunning Gulf of Mexico to appreciate the clear waters. 

Sophie Anderson first hair accessories

Sophie Anderson first hair accessories

Sophie Anderson may be best known as the designer of the best-selling handwoven bags, which have been a summer staple since 2011, but recently she has also been getting attention for her new wicker baskets and hats which have been introduced this season and are the perfect swim accessory.

Following this success, she has created a line of hair accessories for the new season. Entirely hand created in Peru, using dried grass, which is all hand dyed and crocheted by native craftsmen, the pieces are unique and playful, using the classic shapes and bright colours which the brand is known for. 

Brides choose to wear their “something blue”

dress in grey

Brides have been wearing ivory or white since Queen Victoria made it popular in the 19th century. However, in the 1930s, Wallis Simpson wore a pastel shade of blue to marry Edward, Duke of Windsor which for a short time inspired brides to also wear coloured gowns. This was mainly due to rationing during World War II, where women often wore their “Sunday Best” in pastel shades of yellow, blue and pink for their big day. 

Fast forward almost 100 years and brides are again returning to wearing coloured wedding dresses, to reflect their personality, to wear their “something blue” or to just have some fun (not everyone suits ivory after all!)

Top tips for 2017 brides


Spring has arrived and at Luella’s Bridal we are so excited about the upcoming wedding season! We have been looking into this year’s bridal fashion and have come up with ideas and suggestions about how you can create each look. From ethereal dresses, beautiful shoes and accessories, to gorgeous hairstyles and the latest makeup trends – here are our top tips for 2017 brides. 

Over Half Of Married Britons Regret How Much They Spent On Their Wedding

A new study by a money saving website based in the UK has found that over half of married Britons now regret how much they spent on their wedding day. Furthermore, it was found that brides believed floral arrangements and bouquets to be the most wasteful expense of the day, with grooms claiming that the cost of their brides wedding dress was the most over extravagant purchase.