Getting Married this Summer?

Jump Start your Bridal Beauty Routine 


You have been preparing for your special moment for months, determined to look your best on your wedding day this summer. From eating healthier, drinking plenty and working out harder, to moisturising deeper and experimenting with makeup trials for the perfect look; when it comes to bridal beauty nothing short of perfect will do.  As the warm weather can affect the condition of your skin and hair, it is crucial to adapt your beauty regime to prevent dryness and damage; here are three reasons why Lion Heart by Bare Biology should be your 2017 bridal beauty bag essential.


1. Nourishes the skin from within, resulting in plumper complexion. Omega 3 regulates oil production, boosts internal skin hydration and elasticity and helps fight acne and inflammation; leading to smoother, younger-looking skin. 

2. Provides protection against sun damage and helps repair cell membrane.  High amounts of EPA help prolong the time that it takes for skin to get burnt during sun exposure; a daily dose of Lion Heart contains 3000mg of EPA and DHA – the highest in the market.bare biology

3. Contributes to thick and glossy locks. Omega 3 keeps the scalp moisturised, the hair follicles nourished and the hair shafts sealed. Lion Heart is full of hydrating fatty acids to help keep hair shinier and healthier.

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