Last Minute Skin Saviours - What to Do if You Break Out Before Your Big Day.

Don't Freak Out.

The first thing to do is to not stress out too much (stress can be the cause of breakouts). While it might not be in your ‘vision’ of the perfect day, clever makeup will cover up most issues nicely, so there’s no need to panic.

Don’t Pick.

While it might be tempting to tackle the blemishes ‘head on’, it’s definitely not the solution - especially with your big day looming. This is because it’s much easier to cover up a red bump with makeup, than it is to cover up a crusty or weeping wound. 

Stick to Your Usual Routine.

It’s important not to overwhelm your skin by doing anything too different. So stick to your usual routine, making sure you cleanse well and use a good serum and moisteriser. 

Avoid Makeup.sond gift sets nature

Keep your face makeup free as much as you can until the big day. Letting your skin breathe will help the skin to heal.

Disinfect the Area.

Soak a soft cloth or cotton pad in lemon juice and dab on the blemish. Leave for 30 minutes and rinse with cold water. You could also use diluted tea tree oil. 

Reduce Inflammation.

Place or rub an ice cube wrapped in a soft paper towel on the affected area to reduce any inflammation.

Embrace the Concealer. 

When the big day arrives, leave it in the hands of the makeup gods and let concealer work it’s magic. It might be a bit more makeup than you are used too, but it will do the trick for the day. And even though you might be worried about the blemish, try to avoid touching it!

Avoiding the Breakout

Giving your skin some loving care in the lead up to the big day should decrease your chances of a breakout. 

Feeding your skin with lots of omega 3 and vitamins will keep it looking plump and fresh, while making sure you exercise and sleep well will keep you glowing. Taking supplements is a great way to boost your nutritional intake, we recommend Sönd Energising Mineral Silica Supplements which are packed with collagen boosting silica, and vitamin E.

A strong skincare routine will also ensure your skin is fighting fit on the big day, but it’s not something to play around with too close to the day as your skin may react with a breakout. In the months leading up to the day take some time to consult a dermatologist or try some new products that could freshen up and improve your routine. 

Quotes by Eileen Donoghue Co-Founder of Sönd Skincare





March 9, 2017

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