Pre-Wedding skincare prep Emma’s top ten tips

Inner-Soul is all about boosting inner confidence through treatment of the skin holistically to nourish, balance and enhance.

Inner-Soul’s Founder Emma Coleman is a qualified Aesthetic Nurse, Clinical Aromatherapist and Skin Nutritionist and offers clients a comprehensive range of bespoke skincare treatments and solutions through a combination of science and nature with natural & organic skincare, facials, rejuvenating treatments and aesthetic injectables.


• Good Night Product + Good Quality Sleep the week before the big day holds the key to nourished and vibrant skin.  As we sleep, skin has the opportunity to heal and build its defences against free radicals, which can lead to dull, dehydrated and aged-looking skin. Applying a good, super- nourishing and hydrating face oil or balm before sleep will enhance this process – look for products with relaxing scents such as Lavender and Patchouli to soothe and relax the mind too - and you’ll be surprised at how rested you look on your special day.


• Make a Kitchen Cupboard Face Mask - Honey is a wonderful all-rounder for balancing skin – and it doesn’t have to be top-notch, a basic supermarket one will do just as well as an expensive one.  Honey is known for its anti-bacterial qualities, helping to deep-cleanse and stave off breakouts.  Many studies have also proven that the polyphenol content of honey increases its antioxidant benefit for skin, plus it’s really hydrating.  Slather a couple of dessert spoons of honey over clean skin, press onto any areas of imbalance with the fingertips and leave for up to 15 minutes.  Rinse with tepid water, pat dry and apply a nourishing serum or moisturiser.  Always avoid the eyes.


• Wedding Stress Breakouts?  Studies have shown that prolonged stress can result in raised levels of sebum being trapped over the surface of the skin which leads to increased risk of breakout.  Ensure you cleanse thoroughly every morning and night and always use a gentle product rather than something which strips skin of its oils completely.  Avoid very hot showers and baths during the wedding lead-up – these actively dehydrate the skin, sending a message to the sebaceous glands to produce more sebum!  Using heavy, chemical-laden makeup and skin creams will also clog pores and I always recommend light, mineral cosmetics and natural skincare to all my clients in the lead up to their big day. 


• Dark Circles – these are often hereditary, but there are some little tricks you can do to make them look better.  Firstly, drink fennel tea throughout the day, starting four weeks before the wedding, which has a natural detoxifying effect on the body.  Secondly, invest in a tube of Arnica cream and apply morning and night for two weeks before.  This can be rinsed off after 30 minutes if required and will help to lighten the dark areas.  Lastly, massage the under-eye area before sleep and in the mornings – simply press the under-eyes lightly with fingertips in an outward movement.  This will improve lymphatic drainage. And don’t forget to get as much sleep as possible! 


• Eat For Your Skin - eating excessive carbohydrate and fats will increase sebum production, increasing the likelihood of a spot appearing at the wrong moment and dairy is also considered to be a main contributor.  So cut down on cheese, cream and yogurts 4-6 weeks before your wedding day and replace with high protein meals to keep you full.  Opt for vitamin A and E-rich foods, known to balance oily and dehydrated skins such as pumpkin seed, almonds, sweet potato, spinach, kale and fish.  Selenium is another skin saviour as it has high antioxidant levels. Find it in high concentrations in brazil nuts, sunflower seeds and fresh tuna. 


• Facial Massage – As a former therapist, I am a huge advocate of face mapping, with each section of the face representing a different area of the body.  With its origins in East Asia, this is something which has been used for centuries: 
            For Dehydrated skin, three to four times weekly, apply pressure to the outer edges of your chin with fingertips, hold for a few seconds and then circle.  Repeat this sequence just above your cupid’s bow– this will help to balance your colon, pancreas and spleen.
            Sensitive skin – apply gentle massage to the under-eye areas using a circular motion with the fingertips. This will target the kidney and adrenal areas, where stress can camp out.
            Combination Skin - to improve kidney function, apply fingertips to the under-eye areas and press from the inner to the outer eye, then circle at the outer point.  Repeat three times, taking care not to drag the skin.
            Hormonal Skin – focus on the pituitary or ‘third eye’ point between the brows.  Use the middle finger to massage in little circles twice daily. 


• Eczema - The temptation is to slather heavily clogging product onto the skin – but dealing with this is more about using the right products with the correct ingredient mix, whilst balancing the digestive system.  Avoid skincare with parabens and look for natural emollients like oat and avocado, skin healers which also seal in moisture.  Avoid harsh cleansers, opting for a balm or oil-based product.  Apply a good dollop of face oil into the hand with your cream both during the day, and at night add in a dot of serum for extra nourishment. NB: If your eczema is open or weepy do not use a serum until this clears. Make a face wash by putting oats into tepid water and splashing over affected areas, or add to bath water if the eczema is all over the body.  Nourish from within with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables such as avocado, salmon and lots of greens.  Also swap wheat-based pasta and couscous for rice and sweet potato in your meals.


• Hyperpigmentation and Melasma - Occurs mostly over the forehead, cheeks and nose and is often due to sun damage and hormonal changes.  Exfoliation is important, so use a gentle face scrub three times weekly which can naturally help to fade the brown spots.  In the lead-up to your wedding you may wish to invest in a short course of glycolic peels which are derived from sugar cane and can reduce the appearance of the darkened skin. Always use sunscreen for day and look for ingredients such as Rose Hip in your skincare products, which encourages cellular rejuvenation – be aware that ingredients are listed in order of concentration from high to low.  Before bed, pre-blend a little of your cleanser with a blueberry-sized dot of face scrub in the hand before applying, focus on the brown areas, rinse, then pop on your night cream.  Avoiding soya in the diet has also been proven to help, and sunscreen daily is a must.  NOTE: Never blend sunscreen with another product as this will alter the SPF.


• Make Your Own Body Scrub – scrubs help to boost the circulation to the skin’s surface and, used regularly, are great for banishing cellulite, dry skin and keratosis.  Make your own kitchen cupboard one using four tablespoons of coffee granules as the base, to increase the detoxifying benefit.  Add in a couple of tablespoons each of honey and sunflower oil, mix well.  You can also add some essential oils if you like – a couple of drops each of lemon and rosemary will be perfect.  Wet the skin, then turn off the shower and slather on the scrub, massaging well using long strokes and circular motions. Rinse well. You’ll be soft and glowing in no time!


• Vitamin C – include this anywhere and any way you can!  It has natural healing properties for skin and will deal with any issue, from wrinkles to sensitivity, to eczema.  Ingredients to look for in skincare include Kiwi, Rose Hip, Berries and Papaya.  In the diet, ensure you are eating plenty of citrus fruits, peppers and broccoli.

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