The rise of digital weddings and technologically-savvy wedding planners

As technology advances at prolific rates, industries and events once steeped in tradition are adapting to embrace the digital landscape. And none more so than weddings. Digitally-savvy couples everywhere are reaping the time-saving, eco-friendly and cost-effective benefits of organising and hosting a wedding that implements digital elements. Venus Bridal explores the rise of digital weddings and how couples are weaving technology into their big day.


Digital invitations

From customising invitations with sequin-engraved writing, to adorning the invites in the same colour and theme of the wedding, there are many creative ways couples can personalise paper wedding invitations.  Though if you want to add a whole new dimension to your wedding invitations, adopt digital invitations. 

Digital invitations are sent to guests conveniently and quickly via email or social media, enabling guests to RSVP with ease and convenience.

Why not personalise your digital invites by including a personalised video? – A hip and digitally-savvy way to invite your loved ones to the big day.

The rise of digital weddings and technologically-savvy wedding planners

A wedding website

From shopping in our favourite stores to booking flights and catching up with friends on social media, much of our lives are conducted online these days. Why not utilise the power of the internet by creating a wedding website?

Wedding websites are the perfect portal to plan, prepare, track and document your big day from one convenient location you can reach remotely from a device of your choice. A wedding website enables you to streamline your ‘to do’ list, make those important preparations, keep guests up-to-date about various aspects of the wedding and be a channel for documenting the happy day. You can even give those involved with the wedding preparations such as the bridesmaids and wedding planner, access to the website so they can update it accordingly.



If you’re active on social media, why not have some fun and keep your guests involved with the run up to the big day and keep the memory of the wedding alive, by creating your own hashtag for the wedding to use on the likes of Twitter and Instagram?

As Venus Bridal wrote in a blog about hashtag weddings, ‘Instagram weddings’ are gathering momentum, enabling couples to ‘crowdsource’ their wedding snaps by asking guests to tag a personal hashtag with the photos.

On Twitter, some of the most popular wedding hashtags swarming the Word Wide Web include: #WeddingHour, #WeStillComing, #WeddingWednesday, #BridesmaidsGoneWild and #DressesAfterDark.

What inventive #WeddingHashtag can you come up with to personalise your wedding for social media and encourage guests and followers to join the conversation?

The rise of digital weddings and technologically-savvy wedding planners

Host your wedding video on Vimeo

Looking for an easy way to share those beautiful wedding memories? Why not set up an account on Vimeo and host your wedding video? Vimeo comprises of a community of film enthusiasts, generating millions of unique visitors each month. Uploading an inspiring wedding video on Vimeo can be the perfect way to share your wedding memories to a digital audience.


Use technology to assist with the wedding planning

Technology can help couples and anyone planning a wedding prepare for the big day more quickly and seamlessly.

For example, putting guests lists onto a spread sheet can be useful in filtering different groups, including the definitely attending, maybes and no-showers.

Using social media to send out invites can save you time and expenses on the wedding preparations. For example, sending out invites on Facebook can be a great way to stir up excitement for the wedding and keep track on responses with ease.


Wedding apps

Wedding apps are a convenient way to help plan the wedding, streamline tasks, keep guests in the loop and record the big day.

Hitched Wedding Planner is a fantastic app for managing the details of the wedding, including making to do lists, budgeting, writing guest lists and organising seating arrangements.

Appy Couple is another great wedding app to help couples stay in contact with guests. As well as providing guests with important information about the wedding, such as details about the accommodation and travel, Appy Couple also allows guests to share photos, RSVP to invites and share other information such as dietary requirements.

Why not check out your App store and let us know which your favourite?


Wedding dronesThe rise of digital weddings and technologically-savvy wedding planners

Now we’re really talking! Ensure your wedding flies, literally, by making drones a feature of your big day. Hiring a drone to take aerial photos and videos of the wedding will capture some spectacular imagery of your wedding.

Yes, it’s safe to say, when it comes to weddings there’s plenty of ways technology can make the wedding preparations easier, raise the profile of the big day and evoke those treasured memories for many years to come.

Have you got any tips, advice or experience about weaving technology into a wedding you’d like to share?


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