With Wedding Season well underway, be sure your Make-Up understands the “to have and to hold” concept too...

In the summer months, it can be a struggle to keep your complexion shine free and appearing flawless. Your regular preparation and Make-Umay be a battle as you strive for perfection, so now’s the time to upgrade your kits and invest in some savvy products...

Remescar Scar Stick

Wearing an SPF on a daily basis is an important way to protect the skin from the sun’s harmful rays. With SPF15 and the ability to reduce the appearance of scarsRemescar Scar Stick (£19.99 from Boots.com) assists in the healing process of both new and old scars resulting from surgery, burns, bug bites, and acne. It’s invisible formula means it can be worn under make up and still work wonders to the skin.

Embryolisse Hydramat (£22.00 from Boots.com) is on hand to eliminate 


excess sebum, and also reduce shine, which is key for all the important photo momentsThe cool, gelled texture penetrates the skin, leaving it soft, smooth and matte, all day long. It can also be used as a highlighter to enhance where


the sun naturally hits the skin.

If you’re prone to “glowing” in the summer months, try applying your foundation with criss-cross strokes. Liquid or Cream Foundation is easy to apply, but in the


warmer weather it can start to look greasy on the skin. Using Invogues Foundation Brush(£4.99 from falseeyelashes.co.uk), apply Lord & Berry Cream Foundation (£20 from Lordandberry.com) with criss-cross strokes until the face is covered in a thin layer. This not only blends better, but creates a cleaner finish. It will also stop the streaky look when you sweat, as opposed to easily creasing with a straight line application.


After applying foundation, add a light dusting of Lord & Berry Loose Powder (£18 from Lordandberry.comto set. Avoid dragging the brush across your face, which will move the base and make areas look patchy. Instead, dab the brush firmly onto the skin, which will allow the powder to sit on the face tightly, and ensure the skin is evenly covered.

To prevent eyeshadow creasing in the heatuse a dab of Embryolisse Hydramat or a swipe of foundation all along the eyelid before applying eyeshadow. This will act as a base between the skin and the eyeshadow, giving it something to hold onto.


Invogue Semi Permanent Mascara

 (£9.99 from Asda Stores Nationwide) has been


formulated to provide simple and straight forward semi-permanent colouring to the eyebrows and eyelashes without the fuss, or expensive salon price tag. Waterproof and made to last, it curls lashes and adds rich,lasting colour. The smudge proof mascara will ensure you escape the dreaded panda eyes if you shed a tear or two!!

There are many things to consider on your big day, but worrying about whether or not your lipstick is still in place shouldn’t be one of them. Constant reapplying is the last thing any busy bride has time for on her big day, so selecting a lipstick that can withstand the first kiss, wedding pictures, reception and wedding breakfast is essential. Opt for a long lasting lip colour which you know will stand the test of time. Lord & Berry’s Timeless Kissproof Lipstick (£14 from Lordandberry.com) is the essence of matte vibrancy and futuristic wear. The long-lasting, ultralightweight lip fluid shapes lips with one-stroke of pure colour. In order to make ANY


lipstick matte and longer-lasting, add a light dusting of translucent powder over the top.

 Dry shampoo is a girl’s best friend, and a must have for any Bride wanting to their hairstyle to stay looking sensational all day long!  Spray Amika’s Perk Up Dry Shampoo (£3.49 for 22ml from Sallyexpress.com) onto a powder brush and gently dab along the hairline to keep your barnet looking fresh as a daisyIf you also have fine or limp hair that gets greasy quickly, wash your hair the night before and freshen hair up with dry shampoo to give it more life the morning of your Wedding.


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