What should you wear to a winter wedding?

While it’s never particularly easy to pick out a wedding guest outfit, it’s definitely more of a challenge in the colder months. In summer, clothing shops are full of pretty dresses and barely-there sandals, which are perfect for a wedding in the sun. But, as winter comes around, the high street becomes flooded with big coats and knitwear — things that wouldn’t make the most sophisticated of wedding ensembles. 

However, it is possible to put together a winter wedding outfit that is both stylish and practical. Here are some pieces you should consider wearing. 

A faux fur jacket

The problem with dressing for colder weather is that a jacket or large coat can entirely obscure the outfit you’re wearing. So, to ensure that your attire is just as fabulous with or without a cover-up, pick a piece of outwear that exudes undeniable glamour. 

A faux fur jacket or coat is perfect for this, as they’re incredibly warm and look amazing. Plus, they’re timeless, which means you can still wear the one you choose long after the wedding is over. 

A pair of fashion tights

Going bare-legged is an obvious choice for summer weddings when the sun is shining all day long, but doing so in the winter will only leave you shivering from the cold. This doesn’t mean you’re damned to wearing boring old black nylons, though. There’s a huge range of different tights on the market, so pick out a pair with a lot personality. The Tight Spot has a great selection, which ranges from traditional lacey styles to more quirky designs. So, if you want to cover up but still stand out from the crowd, a pair of fashion tights are the perfect choice.

An extra-special pair of ankle boots

A pair of ankle boots mightn’t be the obvious choice when you’re putting together a wedding guest outfit, but they’re certainly a great one. Plus, there’s so many different styles on the market at the moment that you’re bound to find a pair that suits you perfectly.

Public Desire offers a huge range of heeled ankle boots. There’s a whole host of designs, from patent styles to those that have been intricately embroidered, and they can all be ordered with next day delivery.  

Subtle sparkle

The Christmas period is also known as party season, when wearing sequins and glitter isn’t just acceptable — it’s encouraged. So, why not extend the festivities by wearing some subtle sparkle to the next winter wedding you attend? Just remember that the focus should be on the bride and groom, so you don’t want to overdo it. 

If you’re not sure how to get the balance between sparkle and sophistication right, check out Jules B’s guide to festive party style, which has all of the information you could possibly need. 

A maxi or midi dress

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean that dresses are a no-go. As mentioned above, you could throw on some tights, or you could choose a dress that’s of a midi or maxi length. With longer hem lines, there’s always the risk of looking frumpier than usual, so it’s wise to pair a midi or maxi dress with a pair of high heels. 

If you aren’t used to wearing longer dresses, it’s easy to feel swamped by all of the additional fabric, so you might benefit from choosing a style that is figure-skimming, rather than loose and flowy. Finally, be prepared to have a midi or maxi dress altered, as it can be difficult to find one that fits perfectly — the models that you see online are 5’9”, after all. So, if you’re significantly shorter, a longer dress is going to look entirely different on you. 

Yes, shopping for a winter wedding guest outfit is difficult, but it’s certainly not impossible. The most important thing is that you’re comfortable, so ensure that you wrap up and feel great. That way, you can’t fail.

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