Winter Wedding Trends to Watch in 2016/17

Wedding trends are always changing and they are often based on the current season. In winter, the trends naturally move towards more wintery themes – which makes sense! This infographic from The Wedding Band Shop outlines all the latest winter wedding trends in onehandy piece for you. 

More traditional gowns made a comeback this winter with many featuring Victorian necklines and ladylike feminine lace. With the dark winter nights in mind scattering lights from the ceiling to re-create a ‘starry winter night sky’ was a very popular feature at weddings. This of course looks really fantastic at a winter wedding reception particularly.

Sticking with the winter theme, indoor games are becoming more a welcome addition to weddings. If you don’t get the weather, you’ll want all the entertainment you can get indoors and board games are a great way to provide that. Old school games such as Scrabble and Hungry Hippos are generally very popular amongst guests and can be fun for all to play. Nothing quite beats a few drinks and a competitive game of Scrabble!

When it comes to the dinner, we are also seeing some changes to the traditional affair. While the 3 course formally seated meal is still popular, more casual dining experiences such as pig-on-a-spit and buffets are becoming the done thing. It might depend on the size of the crowd you’re having so try to figure out what works best for your wedding.

Having winter wedding receptions in city-centre locations is growing in popularity. They’re great venues around Christmas and New Year’s particularly. These locations are good when the wedding is mostly an indoors affair and you’re trying to avoid the bad weather. It is also generally an easier venue to get to for your guests which is nice around the holiday season. Check out the infographic now for all the trends we saw this winter.

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