Top 7 tips for choosing the right wedding venue

Selecting just the right wedding venue can be a difficult task for newly-engaged couples and finding the best fit for you and your guests is often considered one of the most important parts of the wedding-planning process, as it can make or break the big day.

Danielle Rolfe, who runs Hampshire-based family home understands the importance of venues after hosting more than 60 at the family-owned property, which sits in more than eight acres of grounds. Here, Danielle offers her top tips for selecting the perfect wedding venue, so you can have the dream ceremony you’ve always wanted. 

7 great tips to help you choose the perfect wedding venue

Bride getting ready at wedding venue1. Consider the theme

“When selecting a wedding venue, it's important to consider whether the location and the venue fits in with you, your personality and the theme you want to create for your special day,” comments Danielle.

“It’s important to consider whether the venue is formal, relaxed, themed or even outdoors and does it in some way reflect a shared passion in your relationship?” 

2. How many guests?

“The dreaded guest list! Working out whether or not you would like a large wedding or a smaller family affair can be problematic for a couple in the throes of wedding planning – we understand this completely and work with our couples to ensure all runs smoothly right from the off. 

“Whatever the number of guests, it’s always a nice touch to have a few elegant rooms off the main area for guests to relax. It’s something that works so well for us and the weddings we host.”

3. Find the right lighting

If you plan on having wedding photographers, the amount of light coming into your wedding venue may influence the overall quality and aesthetic of your photos. Danielle comments: “Looking your very best on your big day is of utmost importance, therefore, choose a venue with lots of windows to allow plenty of natural light to flood in during the day.” 

4. Where?

This one is pretty important…with the world your oyster, where do you want to get married? Once you've decided if you want a destination wedding or a ceremony held in the UK, you'll also need to decide if you'd like a city or country affair.  

Danielle adds: “Our wedding families travel from near and far, with many choosing a different county altogether to tie the knot. Don’t always look to the venues on your doorstep, your guests will be delighted that they’ve had an invitation, especially if it’s in a beautiful location they weren’t expecting.”

5. The perfect date

Whether you want to commemorate the day you first met or your first kiss, you'll want to have an idea of the date you'd like to get married in mind before approaching any venues. Danielle says: “Seasons can very much reflect the mood of the wedding so consider that first and then have a few dates in mind you can take to the venue – and remember to start planning dates early! For us, the earlier the better.”

6. Accommodation

Don't forget to think about where your guests can sleep? Does the venue you're considering offer enough accommodation to fit all of your guests, or will they have to stay at a bed and breakfast down the road? Either way, ensure that it’s all detailed within the wedding stationery.

7. Write it down

If you're still worried about making sure that you find the perfect venue for you and your loved ones, write down a list of all of your venue-must-haves before you go out on your hunt, that way you'll be sure to find the venue of your dreams. 

Danielle concludes: “We love pouring over lists with our wedding couples and coming up with a solution for each and every point, it’s what has made Penton Park become the go-to destination for so many couples wanting a home-from-home luxury boutique wedding experience.”


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February 2, 2018

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