How to get a great night's sleep before your wedding

Your wedding is one of the most important days in your life. All sorts of things will be keeping you awake at night and may stop you from having a great night's sleep in the run up to the big event. Will I remember my first dance? Is everyone seated in the best place? Now I’ve found my perfect dress, how can I find dresses that all the bridesmaids will wear? You could end up overly tired, over-stressed, or worse - sick – when the day final arrives. 

How can you increase the odds of getting your eight-a-night before you head down the aisle? To break your bad habits and increase the chance of a great night’s sleep, our Sleep Well independent sleep expert, has the following advice;

Top tips for a great night's sleep

Create a sleep schedule

great night's sleep adviceSam and Allan Watts – founders of Sleep Well

In the weeks running up to your big day, create a sleep pattern for yourself. This means a fixed wake up and going to bed time every day of the week. Establishing this excellent routine means your body and brain start preparing to wake up about 90 minutes before you actually do, so you wake refreshed and ready to face the day ahead.

Wind down

The number one essential for getting to sleep is a quiet mind. If you find yourself tossing and turning at night with a head full of worry, try to find ways that help you relax in the evening. It could be taking a bath, reading a book, having a warm drink or following some simple, mindful, breathing techniques. Jot down your thoughts in a journal before getting into bed, leaving your mind clear and ready for sleep.

Don’t try too hard

If you are tossing and turning for more than 30 minutes at the start of the night or 20 minutes during the night it may be helpful to get out of bed and do something else, only going back to bed when you feel sleepy. If you wake early in the morning it’s sometimes better to get up and do something rather than trying to go back to sleep. If you need to top up your sleep quota, a short nap later in the day will do this for you.

Avoid alcohol

Alcohol works on the same receptors as sleeping tablets, so it will help put you to sleep but, the problems come later in the night. If you’ve overindulged, you’ll get a headache caused by dehydration, will no doubt need to head over to the bathroom in the early hours and your sleep will be restless. So, hold off drinking too much in the run up to the event to ensure you get the best night’s sleep possible.

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November 10, 2017

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