The benefits of a Training App to get wedding fit

by Tim Blakey, Personal Trainer & Physiotherapist & founder of PR1MEBODY. Once the wedding planning gets underway, brides begin to find themselves with an increasingly hectic schedule in the lead up to their big day. And more often than not, it's the area they deem to be the most important that suffers the consequences of running out of time... All brides want to look ravishing and feel on top of the world on their wedding day. Adopting and sticking to a fitness and nutritional regime that can ensure they meet their goals can be stressful, time consuming and costly. Here are a few reasons why downloading and using a training app, at the gym or at home, might be a bride's best bet to getting wedding fit.

5 reasons to use a Training App to get wedding fit

Tim Blakey gets us wedding fit1) COST. Weddings are expensive affairs. Paying for multiple 1-1 sessions with a personal trainer each week can really add up and consume a large portion of a bridal budget; and it's inevitable to have cancelled and missed sessions which brides will have to pay for too. Looking into alternatives can help save money; an online training programme tailored to the needs of each bride, needs not be prohibitively expensive so it's worth finding one that is suitable for you. The PR1MEBODY 12 Week Transformation Plan costs £120 (reduced from £240).

2) TIMING. When brides don't have the time to make it into the gym, a personal trainer app is worth considering. They can enjoy home-based circuit training which requires minimal equipment. Additionally, as individual programmes are loaded within one's profile on the app, training times can be changed last minute to suit the user's busy day.

3) POSTURE. This is one of the most underrated aspects of correct training. Not only is it extremely important to achieve optimal health of bones, muscles and connective tissue, it's one of the quickest ways to instantly improve appearance. Warm ups, including mobility drills and activation of lazy muscles, are a pillar of a well-thought out training app; with workouts that are all individually created to suit even the most demanding bride.

Prime body training app4) DIET. ‘You can't out-train a bad diet’ is one of the most common rules in health and fitness and for good reason! A personalised dietary programme runs alongside the training. It can even progresses to more advanced – and scientifically proven – methods of dieting such as intermittent fasting. PR1MEBODY for example, includes a 12 week diet plan with the ‘Meal-Generator’ layout that offers hundreds of meal combinations to suit a bride's tastes; with recipe ideas and advice accessed through a members-only Facebook group. The nutrition also subscribes to a low-inflammatory protocol, which helps to reduce bloating (remember posture!) and other digestive related issues.

5) ACCOUNTABILITY. It can be a lonely journey to achieve the results that each bride aspires to. A well designed training app will provide support to help with any concerns throughout. It will enable users to track workouts as well as biometrics (weight, height, body fat, progress photos). It will also offer a daily progress review to boost confidence by revealing how far one has come. 


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