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This is such an exciting time for you! But instead of using the time leading up to your big day focusing on a ‘magic’ dress size, this is the time to start your healthy lifestyle. You should avoid the temptation to go on a crash diet closer to the big day, as all this will do is leave you stressed, tired and cause a lack of motivation further down the line. The best thing to do is start making healthy choices in your everyday life.

Results with Lucy, share there top tips to keeping motivated and sticking to a healthy lifestyle:


Healthy lifestyleStarting a new exercise regime can leave you feeling down with sore muscles, tired minds and seemingly no changes being made holding you back. For most people, this is the time when they decide to quit. Don’t! Push through the barrier, the first weeks are always the hardest but when you see the progress, it’ll be worth it. Make sure to set a realistic goal for yourself, break down your ‘big’ goal into smaller 4-6 weeks goals and most of all remember that you are going to look fabulous no matter what.


Nutrition and exercise go hand in hand but it can be easy to fall off the wagon. In the run up to your wedding, concentrate on leading an 80:20 lifestyle. This means you eat healthily the majority of the time but allow yourself indulgences. Sometimes you just need that extra piece of cake! By not cutting everything out of your diet, you reduce your cravings which means no overindulging or binge eating.


Let's face it sometimes we drink more cocktails than water, so it's time to switch. Increase your water intake gradually over a 4-week timescale and aim for around 1.5 – 2 litres a day.


If you want to get in shape by using a running programme but you hate running with a passion then, why do it? The fitness industry is so varied there are 100’s of ways you can get in shape. The key to success is enjoying it and looking forward to your workout not dreading it.


So as not to overwhelm yourself, follow a plan with a bit a structure to start. Start a workout diary where you can monitor your progress and plan your meals. Aim to work out 3-4 times a week using a mixture of activities that increase your heart rate and use resistance to help tone your muscles. Continue on with planning your weekly workouts but don’t stress if life gets in the way and you miss one or two. You have time to catch up.

Just remember, don’t get frustrated with yourself and see it through, you'll soon be living a healthy lifestyle!

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November 10, 2017

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