5 Tips to get fit for your wedding day

Click, stream & sweat your way to your special day. Tips to get fit on your wedding day.

There’s no better way to get fit and feel fabulous for your special day than by kick starting your home fitness programme right in your front room! We spoke to the team at Beachbody On Demand, creators of over 600 world famous workouts including the legendary Insanity, for their wedding workout top tips.

Top 5 tips to get fit for your wedding day


Home workouts at the click of a button

Get fit appsWinter is here; no need to brave the wind and rain. Roll out of bed, grab your groom-to-be, hit play and blitz your morning workout in the warmth of your front room. With the arrival of on demand training, you really can click, stream and sweat to the hottest fitness workouts.

Workout anytime, anyplace, from any mobile device, TV, laptop or tablet. Beachbody On Demand’s free app for iOS and Android allows you to choose from 2017’s hottest fitness exclusives; whether it’s the newest Mixed Martial Arts inspired 30 day workout series, Core de Force, you’re after, to slash inches off your waist and sculpt total body definition, or the legendary, Insanity 60 days series, you’re guaranteed results.


Around the clock fitness


Struggling to keep up with your fitness programme while juggling work and planning your big day? Home workouts are on tap with 24/7 online streaming platforms – no wasted time driving back and forth from the gym, you can exercise instantly. Get ready to “dig deep” with Shaun T’s INSANITY® – work flat out for 3 to 5-minute blocks. Max Interval Training keeps your body working at maximum capacity through your entire workout. In just 60 days, you’ll be wedding dress ready!


Get fitHands free training

Make expensive and bulky home-gym equipment a thing of the past. Home workouts are at their best when stripped right back, just you, your front room, your TV and pumping tunes! With low impact, body weight exercise drills, you can push your body for 1 minute bursts, with quick recovery periods. Make every sweat count, ignite your metabolism and burn more calories for up to 24 hours after your workout.

Worried about technique? That’s the best part – streaming workouts allows you to practice and perfect your moves with guidance from the super trainers, on screen. You’ll have all the guidance and motivation you need, minus the expensive gym-based Personal Trainer fees. Most workouts also have modifiers allowing you to go at a slower pace and build up your fitness.



Dance like no-one’s watching!

Get ready to strut your stuff – rally your girlfriends and CIZE® it up this Friday night! Let loose and learn the hottest choreographed dance workouts to take to the dancefloor on your big day. You’ll be so focused on mastering the moves, you’ll forget you’re even working out – and losing weight.

Beat those January blues and find your inner calm.

Beachbody Master Trainer, Autumn Calabrese says that yoga should be part of your everyday routine, just like brushing your teeth. So the next time you roll out of bed, don’t go straight to the kitchen for your morning coffee. Instead, hit the floor and enjoy a 30-minute yoga routine to kick start your day and find your inner calm. Get fit with the workout that works for you.

Hydrate, refuel, recover

Within minutes of finishing your home workout you can rehydrate, refuel and shower for a speedy recovery. Keeping yourself hydrated and refuelling with the correct proteins, essential nutrients and electrolytes will energise your day and keep your immune system running strong.

An all access pass to Beachbody On Demand costs less than £2 a week – the best investment you’ll make ahead of your big day. Snap up your annual membership for just £99, or if there’s only 6 months to go until you say ‘I do’, you can opt for the £59 membership! Visit www.beachbodyondemand.co.uk


November 9, 2017

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